Top 10 Best Alkaline Bottled Water Reviews and Comparison

Alkaline and acid play the opposite things to your body that is why our body has an automatic acid balancer. Our body has organs to controls acidity level from blood or cells. Regular water helps to rehydrate the body, but alkaline water could offer an array of benefits that the normal one. It adds electro-lights and other minerals to your body to increase the stamina. Also, the water enhances your immune system and helps you to get rid of toxic residues in the body quickly.Best Alkaline Bottled Water Reviews

You can only get these advantages from Best Alkaline Bottled Water with high pH. Beside this things, alkaline water is very refreshing and enjoyable at the test. Unlike normal water, alkaline water does not stress your organ thereby your body keeps in working order and healthy.

Comparison of 5 Best Alkaline Bottled Water for the Money

Alkaline Bottled WaterFIJI Natural Artesian Water (Editor's Choice)LIFEWTR, Premium Purified WaterSmartwater .5L, 6 ctEssentia Water Alkaline Bottled WaterDeep Ocean Drinking Water
ImageFIJI Natural Artesian WaterLIFEWTR, Premium Purified Watersmartwater .5L, 6 ctEssentia Water; 20-oz. Bottles; Case of 24Deep Ocean Drinking Water
Editor's Rating4.7/54.5/54.6/54.5/54.4/5
BrandFIJI WaterLIFEWTRSmartwaterEssentia Water LLCKona Deep
Bottle Size500 mL700 mL500 mL592 mL500 mL
Pack Size24 Bottles12 Bottles6 Bottles24 Bottles24 Bottles

10 Best Alkaline Water Bottle Reviews

Looking for alkaline water bottles from natural alkaline water brands? Here is some tried and test water brands review for you. Have a look below.

FIJI Natural Artesian Water, 16.9 Fl OzFIJI Natural Artesian Water, Alkaline Water Bottle

FIJI is one of the best natural Alkaline water Brands which offers natural artesian aquifer in the remote islands of Fiji. This particular one Fiji natural Artesian Water comes with 24 bottles of the pack and provides a great test of water which equally beneficiary for human health as well. The water contains  92 mg/ liter of silica. The silica is generally known as an excellent element for removing aluminum from blood cells. So, actually, this alkaline water helps to detoxify your body. The water also contains Calcium, magnesium, bicarbonates as well.


  • Soft texture and test of water.
  • Contains Silica which helped to detoxify your body.
  • Especially useful for sick people who have issues with test bud, stomach and
  • Right size for carrying anywhere.
  • Kids would love the test of the water.


  • Pricey product.
  • Poor packaging in most cases. 


LIFEWTR Premium Purified WaterLIFEWTR Premium Purified Water - Best Alkaline Water Brands

The premium bottled water from LIFEWTR is made for the best kind of hydration with art and creativity. This particular brand of water offers well balanced purified water with a good test. It comes with  12 pieces of water packed in on the package which ensure its great quality from the factory to your doorstep. These bottoms are a bit more substantial than your traditional water bottle- 700 ml. Usually, you find 500-1000 ml of water which either small or big for carrying outside.

Besides the 100% purity and presence of necessary mineral this water brand offers three futuristic limited-run label motifs designed by three talented designers. The designs are unique and go with all test and personality of people.


  • Good test, liked by any kid and adult.
  • Larger bottles- 700ml.
  • Easy to open flip cap.
  • Proper PH balance.
  • Nice artistic bottles.


  • Few presences of electrologist. 


Smartwater .5L, 6 ct  smartwater .5L, 6 ct - Best Alkaline Water Bottle

The Smartwater .5 L comes with six water bottle of the pack and provides cloud-like pure and crisp drinking water. This 500 ml of bottles are simple and easy to use and made of 100% recyclable bottles. These are environmentally conscious bottles and made of 30% plant-based materials. However, the water inside the motto is vapor distill and enrich with calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, potassium bicarbonate. The potassium bicarbonate is a source of electrolytes and added a great teste to your drinking water. Those who don’t know about vapor distillation should know its a purification process that simulates the hydrologic cycle just the water nature made a cloud. So, each of the bottles contains nature like purified water with great test and texture.


  • Very refreshing test of water.
  • Vapour distilled water-100% safe for adults kids and pets.
  • Calories and sugar-free.
  • Added electro lights better test.


  • Expensive product. 


Essentia Water; 20-oz. Bottles; Case of 24Essentia Water; 20-oz. Bottles; Case of 24

Essential is one of the Best Alkaline Water Brands that produces high-quality refined water that recommended by physicians. This Essential Water comes with a case consisting of 1 liter of 24 pieces of bottles. Its a saving package for few days of supply. However, the water is supercharged ionized alkaline water 100% germs free and very useful for rehydration. The water has a soft test and texture and great for a patient with a weak stomach.

In addition, the packaging of the water is made of BPA free plastic. The bottles are designed with Essentia’s logo, nothing vibrant but elegant to serve during the meeting, conference or personal usage.


  • Effectively hydrate and energize your body.
  • Safe for those suffers from acidity or heartburn.
  • No test of acidic or bitter testing ions.
  • Quality water bottle with easy to open caps. 


  • The pH level of the water is low then it advertised. 


Kona Deep Pure Deep Ocean Electrolyte Mineral Water (500 ML)Kona Deep Pure Deep Ocean Electrolyte Mineral Water

Natural Alkaline Water Brand, Kona Deep bring something new form of pure water from deep of the ocean. The water is a blend of natural electro-lights and ocean water of Hawaii. It collects from 3000 ft beneath the ocean surface where naturally cold; mineral enriches water exist. Some people might things is slightly salty, but it’s not. It tests like real water with a soft texture and all. This water provides 250 tds electrolyte level 6.8 of PH and enriches with calcium, sodium, magnesium and potassium.

This package offers 500 ml of 24 bottle package. The table design of the bottles is very vibrant and good to serve in the official conference, picnic, etc.


  • Great fertilizer after jogging, work or driving.
  • Safe for little kids and pet.
  • Any people with sensitive stomach will easily consume the water.
  • Smooth texture and test of water.
  • Reasonable price. 


  • The product is slightly overpriced.
  • The packaging of the box could be better more. 


CORE Hydration, 30.4 Fl Oz (Pack of 12)CORE Hydration - Alkaline Water Bottle Reviews

The Core hydration offer seven stage of property purification system to produce their bottled water. The method includes osmosis, carbon filtration, micron and ultra-violet exposure. So, core water becomes 100% germ and contaminants free. But it does not mean its restless. In fact, the water is very tasty and refreshing and energizing. It contains the right amount minerals and electrolytes which maintain ideal pH balance (7.4) to match your body.

The bottom of Core hydration is unique form all. It designed with larger much, with the contoured body and a cup-cap. The wider mouth pours a drink fast or lets you chug more water. Also, if you need you can share the water in the cup instead let them drink from the bottle directly. The bottle has a plastic cap inside, and a cup cap on it which means the water is adequately protected from inside and out. That really makes this nice package of alkaline bottled water different from others.


  • Include a cup in the bottle for comfortable drinking.
  • Enrich with 12 nutrients including electrolytes.
  • The contoured silhouette bottle is easy to hold.
  • Clean, soft and test water.
  • Perfect PH level- 7.4.
  • Fully BPA free. 


  • The price is higher on some websites rather local shops. 


Icelandic Glacial Natural Spring WaterIcelandic Glacial Natural Spring Water

The Icelandic Glacial Natural Spring Water is enriched with natural minerals, high test and high pH level. It provides 8.4 pH which is high from regular filtered water and even for some alkaline water. However, this spring water comes from Iceland which naturally balances and very pure. Iceland is home of glacier, volcanoes, geysers and raging rivers. It has the world’s largest and cleanest ecosystem that could provide naturally purified water from different sources. This Iceland frozen natural water comes from legendary Olfus Spring. This spring is replenished by snow, rain, ice-melt from sounded mountains.

The water of the spring filter through volcanic rocks and there is nothing nearby that polluted the spring quickly.

The good thing is this best alkaline water is certified as Carbon neutral for its product quality and operation. Moreover, this brand measured before greenhouse gas emissions through a combination of internal reductions and environmental machinery. They are committed to target net-zero greenhouse effect to the environment as well as serve the best kind of alkaline water.


  • High pH count exactly what it stated.
  • Good for cancer patients.
  • Clear and crisp taste.
  • Fluoride free.
  • Cool looking bottles.
  • Not content of heavy metal or harmful chemical. 


  • Way too expensive. 


Bai Antioxidant Water, Alkaline WaterBai Antioxidant Water, Alkaline Water

Here is one of the best alkaline water with antioxidant, electrolytes, high ph and a great test. This water is good to boot your power in the morning to keep you on all day long. The antioxidant property of the water infused with the selenium. You may ask why you need antioxidant with water, this thing is available in fresh vegetables and fruits and green tea, right? Well. How often you add a handful of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables to your three courses of the meal? You may do, but the proportion is always different due to availability, lack of time and your mood. It’s better to have a constant supply of antioxidants in order to keep your body toxin free. It boosts your metabolism to reduce the stress of your daily life and keep you healthy.

The Bai Antioxidant Water made of intense filtration process to make sure that you drink the cleanest water free from anything harmful. The water also comes with a BPA free, recyclable bottle though. Usually, it tests very nice and refreshing without adding any flavor or anything.


  • Antioxidant infused with selenium mineral.
  • Low glycemic index.
  • Purified by reverse osmosis technology.
  • Comes with BPA free nice transparent bottles.
  • Gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO and kosher. 


  • The pH level of the water is slightly different from what it stated.
  • Pricey product. 


Evamor Natural Alkaline Artesian WaterEvamor Natural Alkaline Artesian Water

Evamor Natural Alkaline Artesian Water is a good option for quick hydration and removes your thirst. It helps to reduce high blood pressure and improve your digestion system. Evamor claimed it offers 8.8 pH which is very high among other reputed bottle water brand. We have tested its pH level and found the result is below than 8.8. But that does not mean its similar to your tap water. The pH level of tap water was 7.2 where the evamor was 8.5. That is pretty good level consider as quality alkaline water.

In color, texture, and flavor it’s like any filtered water. The test is good but not overwhelming. The main benefits of having this bottled water are, its gentle for weak stomach and help to recover from GERD.

But considering other brand and account for some factors Evamor artisan water is costly. Well, you may notice we all state above about price factors on many of our reviews at ‘cons’. We don’t know thing evamor offers any extreme features or facility in their bottled water that might cost this much. However, you should compare and judge better with others, but overall the quality is ok as bottled alkaline water.


  • Good for healing GERD.
  • High pH level of 8.5 (claimed is 8.8).
  • Testy and hydrates your body quickly.
  • Small country bottles.
  • Calory free. 


  • Overpriced water.
  • Has a slight metallic.


TEN Alkaline Spring WaterTEN Alkaline Spring Water

Last but not least here is our final product as best alkaline water bottle. The Ten alkaline spring water comes with essential alkaline minerals like sodium and potassium ion and rich electrolytes. The product claim high pH level- 10 that is why they name it TEN alkaline water. However, unfortunately, we don’t find it passed the testing 10. The pH level during the trial was 8.5 with test drops and the strips it wat 8. But still, it maintains a reasonable level of alkaline that works well for the human body. Especially those have an acidity problem.

The water 1 gallon, 1-litre pack of 12 set, 500 ml pack of 24 bottle set. The packaging is relatively sturdy, and bottle and cap construction is seamless. Overall, a bottle of water for regular use and carrying at work, travel or workouts.


  • Works well on acid reflux, EOE, etc.
  • Higher pH level.
  • Comes with BPA free bottle.
  • No trace of florid.
  • Well, packaging including the bottles and caps are well made. 


  • The pH level is a little less than it advertised.
  • The test is nothing special. 


What is Alkaline Water?

In simple form, alkaline water is water with lower acid, higher alkaline. If you had chemistry in your elementary class back to the high school, then you will understand the concept better. In chemistry, acid level is measured with the pH scale, and it’s between 0 to 14 pH scale determines either a liquid mixture is acidic or alkaline. 0 means higher acidic reaction and 14 is most alkaline or basic.

Our regular water collected differently from sources like tap, river, pond; lake etc. has a pH level 7 or below7. Whereas alkaline water comes with 8-9 ph. Our human body is apt to 7.4 pHs which maintain by natural work and function of liver, lungs and kidney. So, alkaline water works more to keep the PH balance and let the human body get maximum beneficiation of hydration.

Now you must be thinking how to get alkaline water? Well, you can find these any local super shop, online grocery stores, etc. You can also get your DIY alkaline water at home whenever you want. All you need is to install a water ionizer with your water purification system. But that will not come so cheap. A usual ionizer at Amazon cost 1000-1500 dollars at least!

Top Alkaline Bottled Water Brands

Currently, many bottled water brands are working with higher pH balanced water which also contains necessary minerals. Some favorite brands like Fiji, Super chill, Real water, Evamor, Essentia etc. are best for alkaline water. Notably, the last three brand offers 8-9 pH in the bottled water.

What is the Best Alkaline Water or what makes alkaline water best? Alkaline water that offers high pH, refreshing test and soft texture usually popular from others. The test is vital in this case otherwise the water would give the feel of medicine but nothing else. We don’t want that. So, whatever brand you choose, it has to be 100% pure, healthier, and testy for sure.

How to Choose the Best Alkaline Bottled Water

Here are some simple things to follow to find a quality alkaline bottled water. Have a look below.

  • Check out the source of your alkaline water. What source your brand use to process to make it alkaline water is essential. Many companies use underground source or natural spring, water, ocean water for alkaline water. And apparently, the source is another reason for test and minerals. Usually, spring waters are better in flavor and ocean water more with salt and other minerals.
  • Always read the labels of your water bottle. Label states essential elements like, pH level, the presence of minerals and other content and what filtration process is used with this water. Some bottled water has a pH level close to the human body; some are higher than that. Acidity and alkaline are subject to water test acuity and, the pH level helps to regulate the natural minerals and add more flavor to it.
  • Some water comes with added flavors, electrolytes, minerals and all. After jogging, heavy work out and all, this type of water can boost your power. Buy these are total chemically enhanced water which is not considered as healthy. So, choose your water according to your need, health condition and
  • Don’t compromise your beliefs over a brand. if you a personal concern with nature, global warming, etc. and use biodegradable or safe elements in your daily usable product than look for a brand that uses glass bottles or recycled bottle for marketing their products.

Alkaline Bottled Water Benefits

Compare than filtered tap water Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water are so many, like detoxification, anti-aging, power boost, etc. if consume regularly. However, no solid proof establishes all these Health Benefits of Alkaline Water are one-hundred percent true. But there are some studies, user’s opinion, and some other factors that claim alkaline water offers some benefits to the human body. Such as,

  • Research shows in 2012 that alkaline water with 8.8 pH level helps to deactivate stomach pepsin that responsible for acid reflux.
  • Drinking alkaline water would beneficiary for people with high bp, cholesterol, and
  • Higher pH level of water increases your blood flow. Consuming alkaline water after a workout of heavy physical activity enhance the oxygen level in blood 50% more than regular filtered water.
  • Alkaline water helps cells to absorb more anti-aging
  • It increases your metabolism and helps to detoxify.
  • Gives more hydration and nutrition to your skin and increase elasticity.
  • No flavored pure alkaline water helps to lose weight too.

Final Words

From all these Alkaline Water Bottle Reviews our most voted best alkaline bottled water is FIJI Natural Artesian. This one comes with a 16.9 Fl Oz (Pack of 24). It contains a proper pH level that adjustable with all age of people. Also, most of its consumer claimed that the test of the water is refreshing. It does not contain any flavor or chemical that could harm your body. So, Core hydration is a perfect option to drink on a regular basis. The next best one is Essential Water. This brand is famous for its great test of water, high pH, BPA free packaging and all. Thus the pH is not in actual 9.5 it bit lower than that, but still, it can overtake other alkaline water for its high quality.

Therefore, if you are thinking of changing your tap drinking water with bottled water, then alkaline would be the best investment for. With maximum purity and other suitable criteria best alkaline bottled water ensure better health and refreshment to your family.

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