Top 10 Best Aquarium Heater Review and Buying Guide

This not the first time you are learning for the best aquarium heater, but you here because it’s important and you want to get a new one. The fish water heater is different from other water heaters. It’s simple, less complicated and easy to set up. It works to keep the water temperature in the fish tank warm constantly. The best aquarium heater should be reliable to use for a long time. Also, it has to be contained more option to set up the heater at a different temperature.Best Aquarium Heater Review and Buying Guide

Many types and size of water heater can be found in the market. Most of them are suitable for 6-50 gallons of the water tank. If you have an extra-large aquarium or very small then you may need to invest some time in looking for a suitable one. Because these sizes require a bit different water heater than usual.

Comparison of 5 Best Aquarium Heater

 Cobalt Aquatics Neo- Best Aquarium HeaterSubmersible Aquarium Heater 300w - saltwater aquarium heaterEheim Jager 250W TruTemp Submersible HeaterCHOSON Aquarium LED Digital Automatic Submersible Thermostat Accurate HeaterAqueon Pro Heater - best small aquriam heater
Aquarium HeaterCobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm Heater Editor's ChoiceSubmersible Aquarium HeaterEheim Jager 250W TruTemp Submersible HeaterAutomatic Submersible Thermostat Accurate HeaterAqueon Pro Aquarium Heater
Editor's Rating4.6/54.8/54.6/54.5/54.4/5
BrandCobalt AquaticsZoohiEheimChosonAqueon
TypeSubmersible Submersible Submersible Submersible Submersible
Wattage25 Watt300 Watt250 Watt300 & 500 Watt50-250 Watt
Capacity5-6 Gallons80 Gallons265 Gallons100+ Gallons5-60 Gallons
Temperature ReadingCelsius & FahrenheitCelsius & FahrenheitCelsius & FahrenheitCelsiusFahrenheit
Warranty3 Years1 Year3 Years1 YearLimited Lifetime

10 Best Aquarium Heater Reviews 2018

We have selected ten best aquarium heaters from different size and power range in here. Read the reviews to understand what the offers and which one suits you most. Have a look below.

Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm HeaterCobalt Aquatics Neo- Best Aquarium Heater

In our first aquarium heater review, we brought a versatile filter which is suitable to use small to large almost all type of tanks. The Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm Heater is an excellent heater for any water settings. It’s an electric submersible heater with a sleek design. It’s super flat, only 1/3 inch thick. Also, it less complicated temperature is set right for quick adjusting. The one-touch control system with a large display contains LED lights. You can adjust the temperature form 66°-96° F. It indicates the chosen settings by turning on the LED light.

The heater is safe and reliable made of durable construction. It has thermal protection circuits which stooped the heater if the water gets overheated.

It’s a 25 Watts filter, 7 inches and only 10.4 oz. Those who want something small as an aquarium heater can consider having this one. This best small aquarium heater just like other high-quality that suitable to use for a long time. But compare than the size and features, it’s little overpriced.

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  • Flat construction, suitable for fit in small tanks.
  • Large display for heating settings.
  • Made of shatterproof glass.
  • Single touch control settings.


  • The warmer than what actually shows.
  • Expensive filter. 


Submersible Aquarium Heater 300w Fish Tank Water ThermostatSubmersible Aquarium Heater 300w - saltwater aquarium heater

If you want to keep your betta tank warm at an affordable price, then Submersible Aquarium Heater 300w Fish Tank Water Thermostat is a perfect option to choose. It’s thoroughly a subversive water heater and 100% waterproof. It comes with a protective case made of ABS material. It does not contain any harmful metal or chemical that could affect toxic tank water after long time usage.

The Submersible Aquarium Heater 300w is suitable to use for salt tank water setup. But you can use this best saltwater aquarium heater for fresh water as well.

It’s a 14-inch long heater and weighs only 15.8 oz. The heater has temperature control form 65°-93° degree F or 21°-34° degree C. The good thing is it stands at the temperature that it shoes, no fluctuation at all.

The one thing we might complain about the water heater is the power cable. The cable is not replaced or reparable. If it stopped working, you have to replace the heater.


  • Nice low-end heather.
  • Affordable price.
  • Fully submersible.
  • Accurate temperature control. 


  • Not suitable small tanks less than 40 cm.
  • The power cable is not reparable. 


Eheim Jager 250W TruTemp Submersible HeaterEheim Jager 250W TruTemp Submersible Heater

Here is another submersible heater suitable for both fresh and saltwater setup. The Eheim Jager 250W TruTemp Submersible Heater is an efferent heater for any large or medium size of the heater. This is a 17 inches long heater with 1.1 pounds. With proper heating function its temperature control and on/off control lamp. You can adjust the torture of the heater 18°-34° C or 65°-93° F.

The Eheim Jager 250W TruTemp is one of the best aquarium heaters with best modern technology. It’s entirely submersible and comes with a shatterproof glass body. Moreover, it’s free of pollutants and resists to chemical and biological substance. The best thing about the heater is it withstands high temp or any temperature fluctuation and won’t damage easily.

The heater also comes with a bracket and two suction cup holders. For the power, it has an extra-long power cord which saves you from using a multi-plug socket to set up here the aquarium.

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  • Has a Thermo protection control for running waterproof protection.
  • Comes with two suction cups and mounting bracket.
  • Made of shatterproof glass construction.
  • Includes TruTemp dial form 18°-34° C.
  • Durable product.


  • Not suitable for small tanks.
  • Expensive heater. 


CHOSON Aquarium LED Digital Automatic Submersible Thermostat Accurate HeaterCHOSON Aquarium LED Digital Automatic Submersible Thermostat Accurate Heater

For more upgraded features, the CHOSON Aquarium LED Digital Automatic Submersible Thermostat Accurate Heater is a better option for any large aquarium. You can use it for your maximum 265 US gal aquarium. It’s suitable to use for all type of water setup. It’s a500W heater with safeguard technology. Thermosafe switch, Smashguard protection, and many more features.

The best aquarium heater from CHOSON has the automatic settings which know when the heater is in or out of the water. It stopped working when you remove it from the tank. It has temperature setting system which allows you to adjust the temp 62°-93°F.

The heater comes with one suction cup and protection/bracket which safe it from smashing. The bracket also saves your fish form direct burning. Many fish tends to check the warmers point of anything that catches its eye. That Smashguard gives an ultimate protection from those aggressive fish.


  • Safeguard technology automatically turns off the heater when is out of the water.
  • LED screen display indicated temperature, power on/off, etc.
  • Smash Guard protection to keep your fish safe.
  • Good for stable and precise heating.
  • 5.6 ft long power cord.


  • No memory for the temperature.
  • Ordinary glass construction. 


Aqueon Pro Heater Aquarium HeaterAqueon Pro Heater - best small aquriam heater

For the big aquarium, you need something big too. The Aqueon Pro Heater Aquarium Heater is something the build to last. Its firm structure and easy controlling panel allow you to use it for a long time without having much worry. It comes with electronic thermostats to ensure the safety. Its controlling board has 60-95 degree Fahrenheit limit for temperature; along with that its LED power indications are also helpful to check the temp. When the unit is heating the light turned red, and when it’s at the selected temperature, it became green.

The Aqueon Pro Heater Aquarium Heater is suitable to use in any water or any large size of the fish tank. Its 17 inches long and weighs only 15 oz. the good thing about the heater is you can position it either horizontally or vertically. However, it’s a 200w heater and good to handle up to 75 gals of water.


  • Made of shatterproof glass and other hard components.
  • LED lights to indicate when it’s on or off.
  • Fit set either horizontally or vertically.
  • Can use any water fish tank. 


  • The temperature fluctuates sometimes.
  • Not mage for a small aquarium. 


Tetra Ht Submersible Aquarium Heater with Electronic ThermostatTetra Ht Submersible Aquarium Heater with Electronic Thermostat

Here is another 200 watt fully submersible fish tank heater for continuous usage. The Tetra HT Submersible Aquarium Heater comes with a built-in electronic thermostat which keeps the water at fixed temperature for a long time. It’s perfect to use with your betta tank or another fish tank where constant heating is an important issue.

The best aquarium heater is ideal to tank in between 40 to 55 gallons. For the open tank, the constant heating process may differ or need to achieve. That is why good use fish tank with hoods of the canopy is.

The Tetra HT Submersible Aquarium Heater is fully submersible and free to position either vertically or horizontally.

The heater is only 13 inches long and weighs 9.6 ounces. Due to its ready position and features, you can quickly set it up behind the fish tank decoration to hide.


  • Indicator light shows either working or not.
  • Automatically maintain the water at 78° F.
  • Good to use aquarium in between 40-55 gal.
  • Fit use both position- horizontally/vertically.
  • Fully submersible water heater. 


  • The temperature is a bit different than it shows in real.
  • Last around two years only. 


JBJ True Temp Titanium Heating System Kit for AquariumsJBJ True Temp Titanium Heating System Kit for Aquariums

Here is another best aquarium heater for saltwater with high-temperature accuracy. The JBJ True Temp Titanium Heating System Kit is a digital water-heating system with all the advanced features. First of all, it has high-temperature skill. It may be different only .5+/- from your water thermometer. And keep the water at a constant temperature as your setup.

The heater comes with 500 w of power, 14-inch long body and weighs 4 pounds. Due to its high capacity, it should be significant to handle to handle up to 1000 gal of the fish tank.

Everything you need come with the heater. It has magnets to hold the heater body, sensor, and control unit. Beside the suction cup, the magnets should be an excellent option to keep the heather firmly. But unfortunately, it’s not that trustable. It often loses the hold if you’re crazy large fish bump into it. So, it’s best to hide up behind a decoration to void this type of consequences.


  • Large LED display to show the current temperature.
  • Suitable for heat up large size fish tanks.
  • The temperature accuracy is perfect.
  • High power capacity. 


  • Very expensive water heater.
  • The magnets are easily slipped off if bumped by a giant fish. 


FLUVAL E 300 watt Advanced Electronic HeaterFLUVAL E 300 watt Advanced Electronic Heater

Maintaining proper temperature is crucial factors for aquarium hobbyist. To achieve the ideal temperature the FLUVAL E 300 watt, Advanced Electronic Heater is a great option to consider. The heater can the heat up the water quickly and also monitor the temperature. It has a large bright display to show the water temp in Farenhight/Celsius ensuring your fish are in safe and warm.

The best aquarium heater has advanced features like VueTec tech technology, precise temperature setting, and advance safety and a heater bracket. The operation the heater readout changes color when it heats up according to the setup them or gets overheated. To avoid direct burning the glass sleeve and bracket keep the fish and invertebrates always and save them from burning. Once you install it, you will get a real and accurate temperature reading time to time.


  • LCD temperatures panel shoes the temp both Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  • Suitable to use up to 100 gallons of tank.
  • Built with a safety shut off.
  • Heat up fast. 


  • Sometimes fail to cycle on at times.
  • Pricy heater. 


Hydor In-Line External Heater – Original ETHHydor In-Line External Heater - Original ETH

In our other best aquarium heater reviews, we talked about all submersible heaters for small to huge size fish tanks. But the Hydor In-Line External Heater – Original ETH is different from them. Because it’s an external tank heater. The central heater stays outside of the tank, and the hose is passing the heat and keeps the water warm. That is why it’s safe to without any tension of short circuit, overheating problem.

It’s a 300W heater with 5/8” thick hose and long power cord. The length of the heater is 12 and weighs only 12 oz. the heater heats up quickly, but it may differ 2-3 degree than the actual settings. That is because of the indirect heating. So you need to set up the heater thinking this manner.

Installing the heater is very easy though. You do not want any clumps to do it; it has the built-in clumps system. They have an instruction video on YouTube to how to set up the heater.


  • Suitable to use at the small size of temperature.
  • High precision electronic temperature control.
  • Ideal for marine and tropical aquariums.
  • Long, thick and durable hose. 


  • Expensive heater.
  • Temperatures may fluctuate after a year of usage.  


Finnex Hang-On Electronic Controller Aquarium HeaterFinnex Hang-On Electronic Controller Aquarium Heater

Aside from the temperature fluctuations, lousy suction cup and short cord what make you’re irritating about a fish tank heater. It’s defiantly the temperature controller which stays inside the tank with the central heater. Every time you have to put your arm inside the container and change the seating and get wet. Pretty bad, huh?

However, the Finnex Hang-On Electronic Controller Aquarium Heater has the solution to this problem. They made an analog controller which situates near the plug. You need to set up the heater, and it will start working once powered. The controller is easy to understand and operate and save your time and trouble.

This best water heater is suitable for up to 100-120 gallons of fish tank. It’s lightweight-only 14.4 ounces and 14 inches long. Unlike other, it has the titanium body which is an excellent heat conductive. That is why it heat ups very quickly.


  • Don’t need to adjust the temp put the arm in the tank.
  • The temperature is almost accurate.
  • Sleek analog controller.
  • Small size and light. 


  • The suction cups are poor I quality.
  • Short lifespan. 


How to Choose the Best Aquarium Heater

There are some critical factors you need to understand before making your final purchase for best aquarium heater. See these things below to know how to choose a good-quality water heater for your fish tank.


Selecting a heater according to your tank size is important. Be sure about the actual capacity of your fish tank. Manufacturers have stated the power capacity and the recommended water gallon in the instruction. Also, it’s essential to have a heater that takes less time to heat up the water.

Types of the Heater

Currently, submersible heaters are most popular and widely used water heater. But you also have an option like immiscible, in-filter, in-sum and substrate aquarium heaters as well. Understand the types well so you would know which one is best for you.

Types of the Aquarium

Different types of aquarium need the particular kind of water heater. Usually, manufacturers mention if the heater is suitable to your saltwater, freshwater, the turtle tank, reef or betta tank or not.

Low Maintenance

No one wants the hassle of care of extra part of a fish tank. Thus he already has it with fish and fish tank. It’s better to choose anything that requires almost zero maintenance. Also, look for the advantage of, easy changing (power cord, heating coil, controller, etc.) or replacing option of the particular model. 

How Aquarium Heater Works

We all know aquarium heater keep the water warm of your fish tank. Most of the heater helps to achieve 72 to 86 degree F and maintain the natural warmth of your freshwater or saltwater tank.

The immersive heaters are made of glass, and another heating element like titanium, ceramic, etc. a glass tube preserve the heating elements that heat up. Some water heaters are completely submersible.  The heating element contains a thermostat which heats up the inside part. Most of the thermostat is a bimetallic strip. Bimetallic means they should make of two types of metals. It carried current and converted the current into heat.

Some advance heater has microchip technology. It’s more advanced and gives fast temperature according to the settings. Usually, a small light added inside or outside the heater to show the power on/off.

Another option besides immersive or submissive heater is under gavel heating. The heater produces heat and sends it via a flexible heating cable buried bottom of the tank’s substrate. Typically, huge and heavy planted aquariums are good to warm up with this type of settings.

How to Take Care Aquarium Heater

Your aquarium heater needs a certain level of maintenance, so it keeps working without getting ruined. Ordinarily different types of water species require the different temperature to stay alive and healthy. So invest some time to take care of your aquarium. Here are some simple tips to take care the fish tank heater. Such as,

Check the Heater Size

The simple rule for a heater for the aquarium is 5 watts for per gallon for smaller tanks. And for larger containers, I would be 3 watts per gallon. Keep a spear heater if your aquarium is in a cold room or locate near Air conditioner, wall or outside the door. It will save your fish in freezing days or when the first one is run out.

Check the Heater Once in a Weak

If your heater is running well, it’s not necessary that it will keep running in the same manner. Check the radiator A-Z and see if there is damage or crack shows or not. Never use a crack or damage heater inside the tank. Repair or replace it.

Proper Positioning

Set up the heater according to the position that manufacturer recommends. Also, check daily that the heater is in the correct place. Sometimes the fish or even the heater itself moves due to the inadequate suction system. So keep an eye on that.

Some Extra Procuration

Leave the heater off for 30 min before take out forms the tank. Apply the same rule after installing it inside the tank.

  • Check the indicator lights either its working or not.
  • Keep the plug and joint of the cord and the thermostat joint dry.
  • Learn the proper way to operate your heater.
  • An instruction manual would a great help. Always read the manual before the setup.

Bottom Line

From the reviews above it’s possible to find the best option as an aquarium heater. All the ten water heater for the fish tank are easy to set up and provide the temperature as your require. Especially, the Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm Heater. It’s great for heat up your large tank continuously and has a feature to maintain the safety.

A water heater is not an investment for a short time. You want it to last for years without much trouble, specifically the heating safety. It’s important to pick a heater that has the safety guard or sensor that understate when the water is overheated. Otherwise, it will cook your beloved fish to death.

So understand your fish nature, sure about the tank size and find a reliable aquarium heater from the best aquarium heater brand according to your budget.

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