Top 10 Best CB Radio 2018 with Comparison, Reviews and Buying Guide

For reliable commutation on the road Best CB Radio is a must-have device for anyone especially the truckers. It let reach their fellow travelers and be part of the network very quickly but efficiently. Connecting with the system is crucial because it gives you instant news of the area, weather forecast or any relevant info from the road.

Not only truckers any vehicles owner should consider having the CB radios if he often drives in remote places. We know the digital worlds are full of communicative accessories to contact with anyone from any corner of the globe. But what if the signal is a week or your smart device is out of charge. This old age radio can manage anyplace where the phone signal is a week or does not exist.Best CB Radio 2018 with Comparison, Reviews

If you have decided to make a small or large venture into one of this communicating device, then you should research carefully to get the best one.

Comparison of the 5 Best CB Radio for the Money

CB RadioUniden 40-Channel CB Radio (Editor's Choice)AnyTone AT-5555NCobra 75WXSTYaesu Original FT-7900R Amateur RadioCobra 29 LX
ImageUniden 40-Channel CB RadioAnyTone AT-5555NCobra 75WXSTYaesu Original FT-7900R Amateur RadioCobra 29 LX
Editor's Rating4.5/54.6/54.3/54.6/54.2/5
ModelPRO505XLAT-5555N75WXST FT-7900R29 LX
Weight2 Pounds3.30 Pounds1 Pound2 Pounds5.6 Pounds
Warranty1 Year1 Year1 Year1 Year1 Year

Reviews of Best CB Radios 2018

Only purchasing the radio will not complete your work. An antenna speaker etc. is mandatory as well. Current models of this radio come with the speaker and sometimes antenna as well. If not you have to purchase them separately, they need to match well, or in the technical word “well-tuned.”

Finding the best CB radio, it’s tricky. Even with all the great features they may not last or perform as expected. Fortunately, you don’t need to find them among thousands of Radio models of RB. Read the article to learn about some best CB radio ever made and reasonable pricing, radios for use. Some of them might be high priced, but we include them to consider their reasonably good features and service. Have a look below.

Uniden 40-Channel CB Radio (PRO505XL)Uniden 40-Channel CB Radio (PRO505XL) - Best ssb cb radio

Our first best CB radio review is for PRO505XL Uniden 40-Channel CB Radio. This one is perfect for your long days on the road. It features 40 channel operation, channel display, squelches control, volume control, channel select button, mounting hardware and so on. The radio offers instant channel-9 function so you can set the receiver to emergency mode. You can check the relative strength of incoming transmission with signal power or RF indicator.

This CB radio for truckers comes with external speaker jack so you can plug-in an external speaker. Also, PA jack is including so the PA speaker can be added. This compact size CB radio is fit for any small or low place are. It weighs only 2 pounds and effortless handling. Overall, its sound quality and other performances offer you the long-lasting promise of service that it promised.

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  • Light, small and compact size.
  • RF gain control for better noise reduction.
  • So sounds when switching between pushing button or channels.
  • Includes PA output and switch to broadcast something funny with horn speaker.
  • The microphone is very good at work. 


  • The LED display is hard to see under sunlight.
  • The speaker power out has lack of some tone control. 


AnyTone AT-5555N 10 Meter RadioAnyTone AT-5555N - best portable cb radio

Here is another best CB radio with great construction and performance. The AnyTone AT-5555N 10 Meter Radio features 40 programmable channels, LCD, Frequency tuning setup, CLARLEILER adjustment, programmable RB function and so on.

The radio has 28.000-29.700 Mhz default frequency. It’s a 1.5 kg radio with 250*280*60 mm dimension. This 10-meter radio is very flexible to set up and also easy to use. It has big, and bright LC display To showing all the frequency or tuning setup info like FM, AM, USB, LSB, PA, etc.

Some other useful features of this CB radio are beep voice prompt, 15 kHz/ TOT/ Hi-CUT/ EMG channel functions. Also, it has SWR protection, power supply voltage protection, and key-Lock function too. However, you can store six channels that you like among those 40 channels for quickly tune your favorite channels without auto-tuning.


  • Offers rock solid SSB performance.
  • VFO works well with the set.
  • Very easy to setup and usage.
  • Made to build last.
  • Not bound by “channelization” after exporting modification. 


  • No CW included.
  • AM performance is mediocre. 


Cobra 75WXST 40-Channel CB RadioCobra 75WXST - best cb radio ever made

If you want a compact hid way best CB radio, then there is nothing better than Cobra 75WXST. It’s designed to fit in your hand grip. The CB radio comes with 40 channel including weather channel, and ideal for any size of the vehicle. You can instantly access the channel 9 and 19 scans all the incoming signal with it. Also, it can store maximum four channel locations so you can quickly enter on your favorite one.

You can pair the Cobra 75WXST form any brand of antenna, meter, etc. to increase its performance. It is flexible to use with any device or tools very quickly. The Cobra 75WXST weighs only two pounds of radio with 2.8*1.6*4 inches dimension. Overall it’s a very easy to use and installable radio with low maintenance.

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  • Includes useful features like weather band, channel scan, dual watch, etc.
  • Bright channel display with LED meter light.
  • SoundTracker work to sharpen the voices well.
  • Takes a little space of your vehicle.
  • Easy to set up and operate. 


  • Sometimes sound fluctuates for the absence of NB/ANL.
  • The front-firing speaker is not clear for a large vehicle with loud engine or sound of fan/ac’s noise of internal machines. 


Yaesu Original FT-7900R Amateur RadioYaesu Original FT-7900R Amateur Radio - most powerful cb radio

For full range coverage Yaesu Original FT-7900R Amateur Radio offering 50 watts of power on the 144 MHz band and 430 MHZ power in 40 watts. Its design allows easy and simplistic user control with high performance. The radio is ideal for the active Ham who especially demands simplex, repeater, FM satellite operation on both bangs.

This best portable CB radio, FT 7900R offers 108 to 520 MHZ frequency coverage, and 700-999.99 MHz cellular blocked. It gives you the massive range of monitoring coverage including Am Aircraft, Public Safety, and Government Business including standard communications.

This most powerful CB radio has a large LCD with better visibility in light condition. It synthesizer of the radio is apt for the operating band which selected automatically.


  • Includes removable faceplate.
  • Sitting on receiver usually don’t get hot like others.
  • Light mic to activate the PTT.
  • Easy to read on any light.
  • WiRES Internet linking capabilities. 


  • Expensive product.
  • Directions are little hard to understand. 


Cobra 29 LX 40-Channel CB RadioCobra 29 LX cb radio reviews

For continuing performance in reasonable pricing, the Cobra 29 LX 40-Channel CB Radio is one of the best options to have. Its new design and performance make it different from other available Cobra Models. It comes with 40 channels scanning features, SWR Levels, Digital-color display. Channel memory, etc. the radio offers ten NOAA weather channels with automatic scanning and alert system. It keeps you informed about current weather broadcast and alert in an emergency. Also, you have the choice to can all 40 frequencies for activity. It also informs you of RF power, antenna condition, and battery voltage.

The display of the radio is vivid in any light condition. You can customize the color in red, green, amber and blue also. Moreover, is Included Public Address mode, delta tune, RF gains, channel memory, etc. are performed very well and impressive.


  • Scan continuously for weather warnings.
  • Public Address system with PA speaker.
  • Ability to change display colors.
  • Powerful mic and an excellent receiver.
  • Affordable price. 


  • The knobs feel flimsy.
  • The variable talk-back is nearly inaudible. 


Uniden BEARCAT CB Radio with Sideband and WeatherBand (980SSB)Uniden BEARCAT - best cb radio for truckers

For advanced features and modern light, the Uniden BEARCAT CB Radio (980SSB) is an affordable option for any indoor or outdoor user. It’s suitable for using moving vehicle along with your garage, house or lab just adding an antenna. The large digital meter (S/RF/SWR) of 980SSB radio allows you to check your levels of sounding work. It’s equipped with automatic noise limiter, RF gain control, NOAA weather alert, SWR meter and many more. It can access 40 channels and offers a color changing display. You can choose one color among of 7 to read the reading.

With the noise canceling mic and RF gain this radio makes the hearing better for you and the driver you are talking to. This best SSB CB radio works with the wireless microphone too.


  • Easy adjustable multiple color display.
  • Wireless microphone compatible.
  • Noise cancellation feature.
  • Offers SSB or Single side Band with USB.
  • Reasonable price. 


  • Hard to see in sunlight.
  • Thin and flimsy materials. 


Cobra 29LTD 40-Channel CB RadioCobra 29LTD - best cb radio 2018

For short-range simple and well-working CB radio, the Cobra 29LTD 40-Channel CB Radio is a good option for anyone. Its classic design of old CB along with so many essential features and very affordable price makes it worth. It offers 40 CR channels with easy to read display, PA capabilities, fine-tuning audio and so many. Its LED display shows channel number and incoming signals. You can use this radio as a public address system in conjunction with the PA speaker.

The radio also comes with a switchable noise blanker, adjustable mic booster, cone control, etc. all of them work for the tune the audio and make it crisp clear. So you can send the messages loud and cleaner without much background noise.

This CB radio offers SWR calibration too. It allows antenna system’s calibration for max power utilization and better performance. The installation process of this compact size radio is way more comfortable. It’s only 2*2*2 inches in size and weighs 4.41 lbs. anyone can install it in his vehicle without asking for expert’s help. The instruction manual and basic knowledge of radio setup are enough for the job.


  • Access to emergency channels’ 9 for the emergency announcement.
  • Long microphone cord.
  • Talkback, PA, and SWR Calibration.
  • Adjustable dynamic boost.
  • Low price. 


  • Low watt.
  • The faceplate looks thin and cheap. 


President McKinley USA 40 Channel CB Radio SSB 12/24VPresident McKinley USA - best cb radio on the market

For the heavy professional use, you can go for the President McKinley CB Radio SSB 12/24V. It offers AM/USB/LSB modes, channel scanning, multicolor selectable display; Mi & RF grain many more. This radio can be operated form 12-24 VDC.  For the sustainable voice operation, it has switchable talkback and rogers beeps. The beep sound SWR meter works well for incoming and outgoing voice. The SWR meter produces continuous sound when the measurement is 1.0/1.0. It produces discontinuous beeps when the analysis is not same. It does not require reading the display because it tunes automatically.

But noise blanker, not that includes it not so compelling. It does not completely remove the background noise neither produce clear sound in a crowd of buzzing sound inside the vehicle.


  • Compact size and easy to set up.
  • No need to peak or tune while starting for the first time.
  • Simple channel changing microphone.
  • Weather channel and fast channel scan.
  • SWR calibration process. 


  • The lack of A RF gain Knob.
  • Little noisy. 


Cobra 25 LTD 40-Channel CB RadioCobra 25 LTD - what is the best cb radio

Another great radio from Cobra brand. The Cobra 25 LTD 40-Channel CB Radio has relaid a light and decent radio for anyone who wants cheap priced durable radio. First of all, its classic type of CB radio with all sort of useful designs. The current version Cobra 25 LTD is more improved and edgy. The best improve among others is its front panel for microphone connection. It’s more hassle and fasts to makes in-dash installation a cinch.

This best CB radio on the market features 4-watt power output. This power is allowed by law for an extended range of communication. Also, it gives you immediate access to channel nine along with other 40 different incoming channels. Moreover, it has a small display to show the channel no and the frequency with other controlling button. The Radio has Dimmer control, switch noise blanker, RF gain and PA capability.  Those who want less complicated old school radio can surely consider this one.


  • Allow in the dash or out dash installation.
  • Long microphone cord keeps it within easy to reach.
  • Front panel microphone connector.
  • Boise reduction facility.
  • Easy to install and removed under a minute. 


  • Don’t offer many watts put off the radio after doing supermodel.
  • Short ranged radio. 


Stryker SR-655 10 Meter Amateur RadioStryker SR-655 10 Meter Amateur Radio

Last but surely not least, our final best CB radio review is for Stryker SR-655 10 Meter Amateur Radio. It is a high power radio with some brilliant features. It uses Four FQP13N10 MOSFET transistors and can produce PEP up to 70 watts. It has 32 positions of Dimmer control with an advance clarifier, PC programming option, variable power control and VFO.

The radio has got a full armored receiver. The speaker has Stryker’s exclusive receiver protection which works fine under the harshest condition. As a receiver, it’s a great nearly High definition sound. It has variable talkback control which sends the noise-free enhanced audio to other receivers. So if you have a busy or noisy truck shop with many operators running radios, the Stryker SR-655 will give you the super clam filtered operation that you want to have your perfect communication.

For the display, the radio has seven frequencies colored display. Typically, the CPU controller scans through all the colors on its own. Its fully an LCD backlit face palled, and you can choose one color among the seven just pushing one button. However, the radio offers the digital echo, and six roger beeps to make the voice encounter more exciting.


  • The receiver is loud and clear.
  • Includes all the necessary bells and whistles.
  • Great receiver (10-40 miles range).
  • Seven colors LED backlit face makes the display fun and vibrant.
  • Pc programmable and variable talkback control. 


  • Heavyweight radio.
  • Little pricey.


What is CB Radio?

CB is the short form of Citizen Band. The Citizens Band Radio Service shortly called as CB radio. It’s a radio communication system under the personal radio service category. It’s usable for both usages- business and consumer.

The CB radio service is under the FCC rules under Part-95. But it does not require any license or minimum age range to operate.

How to Choose the Best CB Radio

For choosing the best CB radio among all, you need some bright ideal about its features. Here we are going to explain all the essential feature of CB radio below; so you can understand what is the best CB radio called and select a good from the crowd of CB radios available in the market.

  • Squelch Control– This one is a standard feature available in almost every CB radios. Squelch control mange the output signal. It activates only when a transmission is received. It’s turn-on the speaker so you can send the message.
  • RF Gain- It’s a feature to filter signal strength wise. It could block weak signal or background noise when you are talking to a strong signal.
  • PA Capability- Not all CB radio offers this feature, but it’s a useful one. PA capability let you use the radio and mic as a transmitter for addressing public address system. But for that, you need PA horn which sold separately.
  • Weather Capabilities– If your radio has this feature you can access local NOAA radio stations for weather news and updates.
  • Automatic Noise Limiter (ANL) – To improve reception sound quality ANL is an important option to consider.  It filters engine noise, static and other interference from the reception signal.
  • Instant Channel 9 & 19- Channel-9 is more emergencies like crisis, disaster or anything terrible happening currently the area/country. Channel-19 is for highway truckers. This option is cool additional features for truck drivers especially.
  • Single Side Band (SSB) – SSB feature can multiply given 4 watts by default and transmit 12 watts of transmission range. So you can reach other people in more border area if they also have SSB too. Otherwise, the default power ranging will only determine to connect with standard CB radio signals.
  • Night watch and Backlit Displays– These two options allow you to see the display particularly at a light. In fact, clear visibility in any kind of light condition is mandatory.

How to Take Care Your CB Radio

Usually, CB radios are less complicated and almost hassle-free instrument. Still, it needs to take care to keep it working and performative. Here are some tips to take care of your CB radio. Have a look below.

  • To activate the radio fine run a grounding wire from the back of the unit to the metal part in the cab connected to the chassis like post bolt of the seat. This grounding can help your radio to survive for decades.
  • The antenna you are using with your CB radio needs to be tuned correctly. Many brands offer built-in standing wave ratio meter to make the tuning easy. You should tune the radio before every trip and obviously when getting into another vehicle.
  • Get a proper cable for better connection. Also, make sure it’s shielded from interference. Don’t forget to check the coaxial cable of your radio time to time.
  • Unlike the radio antenna don’t last so long. You should check and replace it in every few years.

Final Words

We are at last in our article; we learn about CB radios, reviewed ten best CB radios 2018, and how to take care it. However, the top voted best CB radio chosen by editors is Uniden 40-Channel CB Radio (PRO505XL). The radio is performing very well, good to pair with other accessories and clear while transmitting the signal. And bonus it’s affordable too.

However, you can choose any other model from the review section or directly from another place. But before making a final decision try to compare 2-3 products which best suit your requirements. That’s how you will get a real ideal of the available CB radio you of your choice and need. You would be found a decent CB radio at any price range. It’s the features, and actual performance determines either its the best CB radio or not.

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