Top 10 Best Heating Pad for Back Pain | Review and Comparison

Heating pads are a great reliever from swelling, inflammation, soreness etc. using a hot pad or warm will help you to sleep on cold winter nights as well. That is the reason best heating pads are a great supportive product to improve the health of you and your family.Best Heating Pad for Back Pain

There are many types of best heating pads are available in the market. Depending on what size and need-most of them are relatively affordable. This body comfort heat pads are not for preference of individual comfort or pain relive. Even doctors recommend it or use it as part of their treatment in case of muscle pain.

Comparison of 5 Best Heating Pad for the Money

Heating PadSunbeam Electric Heating PadPureRelief XL - King Size Heating Pad (Editor's Choice)Sunbeam King-Size Electric Heating PadXL Heating PadSunbeam King-Size Microplush/SoftTouch Heating Pad
ImageSunbeam Electric Heating PadPureRelief XL - King Size Heating PadSunbeam King-Size Electric Heating PadXL Heating PadSunbeam King-Size Microplush/SoftTouch Heating Pad
Editor's Rating4.5/54.6/54.5/54.4/54.5/5
BrandSunbeamPure EnrichmentSunbeamGENIANISunbeam
Size12X15 Inches12X24 Inches12X24 Inches12X24 Inches12X24 Inches
Heat Modes36334
Auto OffNoYesYesYesYes
Weight1.2 Pounds1.5 Pounds1.4 Pounds1.1 Pounds1.4 Pounds
Warranty1 Year5 Years1 Year5 Years1 Year

Top 10 Best Heating Pad for Back Pain

Facing trouble to get the best electric heating pad for back pain? Here we tried and tested ten good-quality heating pad especially for back pain especially. Have a look down below.

Sunbeam Electric Heating Pad with UltraHeat TechnologySunbeam Electric Heating Pad - Heating Pad for Crams

Our first best heating pad for back pain review is for Sunbeam Electric Heating pad. It’s a 12/24-inch heating blanket has micro plush fiber (outside), large foam and a plastic cover inside. The pad has three heating settings, auto stuff-off feature and manual control. You can use it as a dry or moist heater. Once on, the pad works for 2 hours continuously. However, you can shut it down anytime whenever you need to.

The Sunbeam electric heating pad has an Ultraheat technology which heats up pretty quickly. That is why it works well to help you relief from the soreness and achers quicker than ordinary pads.

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  • Light, comfortable carryable heating pad.
  • Comfortable, washable cover.
  • Large foam for moist heating to give better heat penetration.
  • Easy sliding control specially designed for people with arthritis.
  • Get heat up quickly. 


  • The inside’s thin plastic bunches up at all corners as it gets older. 


PureRelief XL- King Size Heating Pad with Fast-Heating TechnologyPureRelief XL- King Size Heating Pad - Battery Operated Heating Pad

If you like having an extra large heating pad, then PureRelief XL is the just the right thing for yours. Its a 12 by 24 inches extra large heating pad with many essential features like six temperature settings, moist heat therapy, and so on. It’s a pretty well-made and durable heating pad which work well to reduce sore muscles of your body. The size of it helps to cover a large area of your body, so you don’t need to shift the pad time to time to have the comfort.

Its made of Micromink on the top and polyester on the bottom. It has a small digital LCD controller to lower or higher the heat or stops its working. The pad does have an auto shut option which automatically turns off 120 min later.

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  • Heats up very quickly and evenly.
  • Heat sensitive surface heats only one side; the other side gets warm only.
  • The size is perfect to cover a good area.
  • Has both auto and manual shut off features.
  • Comes with a storage bag. 


  • The cord length is a bit shorter.
  • The moist heating is comfortable, but it also damps your cloth and furniture sometimes. 


Sunbeam 732-500 King Size Heating Pad with UltraHeat TechnologySunbeam 732-500 - Body Comfort Heat Pad

If you like a very simple comfortable operatable heating pad, then Sunbeam 732-500 King Size Heating Pad is a great option for you. Sunbeam is a reputed brand in the name of the heating pad and other healthcare accessories. This king size (24 by 12-inch) is right for everyday muscles aches and sooth the affected area. Its sliding controller lets people with arthritic pain use the pad efficiently. It comes with auto-shut features which stopped working in 120 min, three temp control, and manual control settings; for low 110 F, mid 138F, and high 160F.


  • The size is perfect to cover your back.
  • Soft and washable
  • Both dry and moist heating options.
  • Easy slide controller specially designed for arthritis sufferers.
  • Auto shut-off setting has included. 


  • Light cover tends to get dirty easily.
  • Only three heat settings to use. 


XL Heating Pad – Electric Heating Pad for Moist and Dry Heat TherapyXL Heating Pad - Electric Heating Pad - Battery Operated Heating Pad

XL heating is similar in size to our other two best heating pad for back pain above. This best homing heat-pad is extra soft and gentle and works well to treat stiff/sore areas for healing. The pad has an option for dry and moist heating including three heat setting, auto shut-off, and rapid working facility. Its made of grey micro-plush fiber. The cover feels like a fuzzy cat belly. This cover is washable so you can use it for a pretty long time. However, it does not come with any cover though.

The heating process of the pad is a bit high on the third set. Sometimes it feels relay hot in high level. It may be happened for our model only thus the heating was perfect for the first few days.


  • Soft and washable padding.
  • Has a dry and moist heating option.
  • Fast heating with adjustable heating options.
  • Long-lasting product.
  • Xl- heated pad covers a good area of your body. 


  • The heat is settings is not exactly what it advertise, the high setting is very sharp.
  • Create a bad smell sometimes. 


Sunbeam King-Size Microplush/SoftTouch Heating PadSunbeam King-Size Microplush/SoftTouch Heating Pad

Here is another best Heating Pad for Legs from Sunbeam. This is also a king size heating pad that helps you to keep cozy and warm all day long. The pad has thermoFine technology which heats up quickly and evenly. Also ist soft surface enables you to relax at ease. The pad works well for soothing sore muscles and other pains and aches.

The king-size (12x24x 0.5 inches) heating pad offers a digital LED control which includes four heat settings- light, medium, high, very-high; also it has the button for manual shut-off. The pad will automatically shut off after 2 hours. So you can sleep or relax with peace of mind and ease that it won’t burn your skin, clothes or anything.


  • Four heat settings for all type of user preference.
  • Easy to operate LED controllers.
  • Machine washable soft fabric pad.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Includes long power cord. 


  • The lights for heat level are tiny.
  • Durability is not guaranteed. 


XXX-Large Heating Pad with Auto Off for Back Pain XXX-Large Heating Pad - Heating Pad for Feet

The XXX-Large heating pad is made for those who want the same heating for the whole body. It helps you to cover your or neck to back, back to hip, hip to thighs perfectly. Its a 33×17 inches size of the heating blanket, very light and soft for daily use aka pain relief. The pad is made of hypoallergenic SuperSoft MicroPlush. It’s machine washable. This heating pad for legs offers the excellent treat for sore muscles your neck, shoulders, abdomen arms and legs.

The pad offers ten different temperature settings so you can find your sweet spot of pain relief. Also, it has an auto timer and intelligent temperature control. Usually, this full body heating pad turns off after 90 min. Also, at night when it reached pre-fixed temperature, it will run off automatically. And keep the heat constant by re-generating heat automatically at temperature lowers.


  • Machine washable heating pad.
  • Extra large heating pad to cover a significant amount of area.
  • 10 therapeutic settings.
  • Heat quickly and evenly.
  • Moist heat therapy option.
  • Reasonable price. 


  • Not foldable when you use it. 


Sunbeam King-Size MicroPlush/XPressHeat Electric Heating Pad Sunbeam King-Size Heating Pad During Pregnancy

For faster heating, the new and upgrade Sunbeam King-Size MicroPlush/XPressHeat Electric Heating Pad will be the best companion of your painful cold nights. This one heat ups within 30 sec only. It comes with size different temperature control with auto timer and manual shut-off button. Like other Sunbeam heating pad, this one has LED controller with extended power cord. The size of the heating pad is 12×24 inches which cover more significant space that need relief.

The pad is made of micro-plush fabric which is extra soft and very comfy except for sensitive areas. It also comes with a 9-ft long power cord. It’s usually as other electric cord, but the pad is very flexible.


  • Gets warm within a few seconds.
  • You can set it to turn off after 120min or keep it on nonstop.
  • The cover is very soft, comfy and easy to wash.
  • Multiple heat settings to get the right temperature.
  • Long power cord. 


  • Takes a few days of continuous use to work well.
  • Not removable cover. 


Heating Pad, 12″ X 24″ Large Size Ultra Soft Heat Therapy WrapHeating Pad, 12" X 24" Large Size Ultra Soft Heat Therapy Wrap

XL size heating pad is the best affordable option for those who want the primary type of heating pad. First of all, this one comes with only three heat setting and does not offer extrema hotness. It does heat-up but ins good warm way; hot enough to remove muscle soreness, back pain or abdominal pain. Also, it will keep your body warm at winters. You can specifically use this for shoulders and wrist pain. The heating pad comes with a simple to use a controller which has the auto timer, manual of button and heat settings. Compare than others this pat has a 10-ft long power cord. It allows you to sleep your favorite place or the room and relax. The heating terrible has both wet and dry option as well.


  • Cover made of soft and cozy
  • Has moisture heating option for better comfort.
  • Easy to use a simple controller.
  • Works well for the muscle ache.
  • Heat-up quickly. 


  • If you like extrema heat, then this might disappoint you.
  • Only three temperature control settings. 


Sunbeam Body-Shaped Heating Pad with Hot & Cold Pack Sunbeam Body-Shaped Heating Pad with Hot & Cold Pack - Full Body Heating Pad

The Sunbeam Body-Shaped Heating Pad with Hot & Cold Pack is a bit different type of product that we reviewed earlier above. This heat adjustable heating pad offers both hot and cold therapy pad to work best on muscle pains. Its a wrap around step heating pad which includes velcro band strap. This strap is extendable up to 70 inches to fit maximum kind of body. The pillow offers 5 heat settings, auto-off features etc. the controller is simple and efficient but doesn’t have any digital screen or setting.

For washing, you can remove the cold/hot gel pad and clean it in the washing machine. The fabric of the pillow is really soft and durable.


  • Option for a cold and hot heat pack.
  • Five different heat settings.
  • The entire pad is machine washable.
  • The gel pack is removable for customize
  • Wrap around heating pad with velcro straps. 


  • The controller lacks a digital display.
  • No extra velcro strep for use in future. 


PureRelief XXL Ultra Wide Microplush Heating Pad with Fast-Heating TechnologyPureRelief XXL Ultra Wide Microplush Heating Pad with Fast-Heating Technology

Last best heating pad for feet but not the least one. The PureRelief XXL Ultra Wide Microplush Heating Pad is a quality product that you should keep in your collection. Its soft to touch and does not come with any cheap plastics like other cheap heating blankets. Its good in size- 20×24”. The heating pad gets hot within min. Rather than being a hot spot near the plug, the heat is uniform all over the pillow.

The pad is reached max 100-104 degrees F max. the edges may less than 2/3 degrees. This temp is suitable to warm your body, remove tiredness and muscle pains. Some people prefer more temperature to relive some extreme case of stiff muscle ness. However, its use as a heating pad during pregnancy.


  • The heating pad made with microplush washable fabric.
  • Six temperature control settings.
  • Heat up within min.
  • Offers dry and most heating.
  • Pouch included with the pad for the store. 


  • Little pricey.
  • Does not get hot enough to treat extreme pains. 


What is Heating Pad and How it Works | Types of Heating Pad

Many types of heating pads are available in the market. We explain some of the heating pad categories in below how the works, advantages, and disadvantages also. Have a look below.

  • Electric Heating Pads

The most famous and cheap option for the heating pad is electric heating pads. These pads come with both dry and moist option. You can have small, medium, large and extra large heating pads into this category. They are easy to use and control washable and maximum cases they come good customer service/product exchange/refund commitment.

Electric pads are a good use for an extended period and come with different temp settings. You can use its auto timer to limit the usage time or just manually use it as long as you want. Electric pads are not usable too ley on it. The instruction manual of an electronic pad strictly forbids bending or lying on it. Also, it’s not safe to use during sleeping, and unattended thus can catch fire accident. So you have to lay on your stomach and awake to take the hot-therapy from an electric heating pad, then you can use it as long as you want.

  • Microwavable Pads

Microwavable heating pads hybrid of the disposable patch and electric pads. These are cordless heating Pads. Some of these pads offer cooling features as well. These are a small pack or pillow of gel, rice or other heat-retaining materials. All you need is to heat the pad in the microwave in the desired them and apply on the affected part of your body.

The microwave heating pads are suitable to use for a long time. Once you figure out how long it should microwave you can quickly heat them up and use during sleep. There is no risk of burning from it. Also, these are very affordable and last for several months of usage.

The pack cool down slowly after 20 mins of heating. There is no option for constant heat from the pad. Also, these are bit heavy and does not come with any adhesive tabs or straps. So chances are to slide off from the body.

  • Chemical Heating Pads

Chemical heating pads are small and disposable. They are available in both dry and moist formula and can be work on the skin directly. Some chemical heating pads recommend cloth over the affected area before placing the pad.

This type of pads heat up fast and can stay in place for the adhesive. So you can wear them at night. The convenient size and easy to apply method makes them easy to travel with. you can take it to work or visit anytime. Usually, the dry heating stays 8-12 hrs, and moist heating patches last for 2 hours consistently.

The main advantage of this pad is they are only for one time use. Also, they are costly compare than electric or microwave pads. Besides, the temp is set for the pad. So they are best for an emergency situation not for daily usage.

How to Choose the Right Heating Pad

Here given some essential facts to consider before choosing the best heating pad for back pain. Like,

  • Figure out your need

At first, you need to identify what type of pain are you suffering from and what kind of heating and you need most. There is two type of pain, acute and chronic pain. Acute pain is sudden pain often caused by strenuous works or play. Rather using a heating pad, cooling pad works here most. Also, physical attention may require to treat the area immediately. And heating pad works better on chronic pains.

  • What type of heating pad should you select?

It’s better to have a heating pad with dry and moist both option. Moist heat tends to take a longer time to treat the area that causing pain. But the effect of most heating is much longer. Also, its prevent dehydration. It helps to release the muscles and other soft tissues that are sore or causing information.

The dry heat applies direct heat on the muscle through the skin and effects fast. But dry heating has all immediate effect- immediate heating, relief but for a while. It takes time to remove your pain completely.

  • Size

The size of a heating pad depends on the area you are going to apply it. Usually, the size of a pad should be the proportion of the area you need to treat. For back pain, you need king size pads for sure. Another area like the neck, shoulder, arm, etc. the compact size will do its job.

  • Safety features

Long cords, multiple heat settings, auto shut-off etc. should include on your heating pad. Look for quality materials and well-constructed pad that safe for your skin and last for a long time. Battery operated heating pads are a safer option from burning. 

How to Use Heating Pad Effectively

Follow these simple procedures to apply heating pad effectively. Such as,

  • For the minor type of back pain apply your heating pad on the affected area for 15-20 min. For severe pain, it could be 30 min to 2 hours. When the time is extended take a quick break of 2 min to avoid sick damage.
  • If you are using heated wraps around your waist or lower back use a thin cloth against it. Also set the temp low even then gradually increase the temperature.
  • For moisture, heating pad sprays a light amount of water on the surface. Don’t soak it or pour water on the pad.
  • Don’t lay on your electric heating pad.
  • If the heated gel pack leaks don’t pour any other substitute to heat it up.

Pros and Cons of Using Heating Pad

A heating pad is great instant relief from pain, but still, it has some downside that you should consider too. Here are some advantage and disadvantage of using heating pad given below. Have a look.

The Pros

  • Using the procedure is very simple. All you need to plug and play (electric), heating up or apply it to the body.
  • Usable to any part of your body.
  • Increase blood circulation, release the muscles tension, stress, and
  • Keep your body warm.
  • Most of the heating pads are affordable.

The Cons

  • The durability of the heating pad is uncertain. Some last for several months, some dies after few uses.
  • The chemical pad tends to leak over time. Once it leaked its a waste.
  • The electric pad can catch fire without notice. Also, it may increase the heat suddenly and burn your skin.
  • Maximum electric pads need to charge fast then apply and does not has temperature control. It that case you have to warm up them for 5-10 min then use it when its tolerable stage.

Final Words

The heating pad is useful and innocuous produce that can help to relife from extream pain. Just the way we used to use warm, dry cloths or water bottle to heat the affected area, the heating pad is a better alternative for that. Its usable for extended period compare than water bottle or cloth.

We tried to recommend some quality heating pads in the budget for adults in here. These works for the maximum case of muscle pain. Especially the PureRelief XL – King Size Heating Pad with Fast-Heating Technology. It offers five heat settings, cold and hot mode and other quality features. Also, this best heating pad for back pain is safe for long time usage.

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