Top 10 Best Ion Speaker Review, Comparison and Buying Guide 2018

In this best ION speaker review article, you are going to learn all about this speaker including how to find them. So let’s begin.

Best Ion speakers could make your parties more lively and exciting. It’s not only the great sound that an ion speaker produces, but can it also offers max versatility that solves almost everything about party music and sounding. Such as, multiple wireless connectivities, superb battery life, mobility and the real-singing magic in LIVE through the mike.Best Ion Speaker Review

The ION started its journey in the year, 2013 and since then it becomes popular all category of music lovers. This brand offers some powerful, better sound-quality speakers which are ideal for in-house, office or backyard parties. They have a model in the smaller range to enjoy movies or music personally at home too. So, whatever, the need of yours for music, volume or beat- ION speakers has the exact option for that.

Comparison of 5 Best ION Audio Speaker for the Money

ION SpeakerION Audio Tailgater (iPA77) (Editor's Choice)ION Audio Tailgater ExpressIon Audio MAIN-80512IONIon Audio Job Rocker Plus (Black)Ion Explorer Outback 2
ImageION Audio Tailgater (iPA77)ION Audio Tailgater ExpressIon Audio MAIN-80512IONIon Audio Job Rocker Plus (black)Ion Explorer Outback 2
Editor's Rating4.6/54.04.4/54.0/54.6/5
Battery Life50 Hours30 Hours75 Hours50 Hours50 Hours
Wireless Range100 Feet100 Feet100 Feet100 Feet100 Feet
Built-in MicYesNoYesYesYes
Aux InputYesYesYesYesYes
Am/FM RadioYesYesNoYesYes
Power Bank OptionYesYesNoNoYes
Weight16.3 Pounds5.8 Pounds19.5 Pounds18.3 Pounds33.1 Pounds
Warranty90 Days90 Days90 Days90 Days90 Days

10 Best Ion Speaker Review 2018

Want to buy an ion speaker for your upcoming office/home party? Here are 10 best Ion Bluetooth Speaker Reviews to tell you what better these speakers can offer or not. Find a good one from below.

ION Audio Tailgater (iPA77) | Portable Bluetooth PA SpeakerION Audio Tailgater (iPA77) - Best Ion Speaker

The Ion Audio Tailgater (iPA77) is an efficient portable Bluetooth speaker for game, fun gathering or small music programs. If you need a speaker for a special occasion to your favorite music in between 20-30 people than this speaker will work great. It offers a 2- way speaker system with a 50-watt dynamic power amplifier. Its Bluetooth features allow you to stream music from a smartphone, tab or any Bluetooth device in more than 100 ft range. Also, you can use the built-in AM/FM radio to play local station in your area.

But real magic will happen when someone creates memorize with the microphone. The speaker has a microphone for a live performance like singing, speech and all. The mic is ok but not so great providing great sounding. Its best to add a quality microphone; thus many users said on their Ion tailgater reviews they get proper sounding after changing the mic into a quality mic.

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  • Can loud enough for small outdoor events.
  • Comes with an Aux input for your smartphones.
  • 1/8” mic level input works well.
  • The Bluetooth works great.
  • Sturdy carrying handles.
  • Powerful battery performance for 50 hrs. 


  • The included mice are not so good in quality according to some Ion tailgater ipa77 reviews.
  • Poor radio reception. 


ION Audio Tailgater Express | Compact Water-Resistant Wireless Speaker SystemION Audio Tailgater Express - Ion Bluetooth Speaker Reviews

If you want a budget speaker system your poolside parties, then ION Audio Tailgater Express is a perfect option. It has 20-watts amplifiers, AM/FM radio which stores 10+ stations, A2DP Bluetooth profile, ¼” mono input and 1/8 stereo input. You can stream music in a beach party, poolside or anywhere using the Bluetooth or FM radio. It can take paly along 25+ hours continuously once charged. The package says 30+ hours, but this little one does not carry that much especially when you are using it to charging phones.

The speaker is very light, less than 6 points and has IPX4 water-resistance. That is why it’s easy to carry and safe to use near water. It has the option to use with a microphone. But you have bought it separately.

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  • The small woofer driver provides decent bass.
  • The Bluetooth works well in both connectivity and sound.
  • The speaker is splash resistant so perfect for the beach and poolside use.
  • The FM radio works well.
  • Very affordable. 


  • Battery life is not as advertised (30 hrs.).
  • In higher volume, the bass tends to be distorted. 


Ion Audio MAIN-80512ION Audio Party Rocker Plus Ion Audio MAIN-80512ION Audio Party Rocker Plus

Make your parties more exciting with ION Audio MAIN-805121ON Audio Pocker Plus. It’s a rechargeable speaker with spinning party lights and karaoke effects. It comes with a microphone too. This is a high powered speaker-50 watts with the 1-inch tweeter, 6-inch woofer, A2DP supported Bluetooth profile, 12V battery, and so on. It has almost everything to transform your parties get locker more rocking.  This rechargeable speaker lasts for 6 hours when both lights and music are working; if you play only music, it could last 7-75 hours continuously. Also, you can plug it in on electric outlet even the battery is full. That is how you get maximum performance hour with the light and music.

The spinning lights inside the dome have six colors of different light- red, blue, green, magenta, orange, and white. The lights change the pattern and pulsate in time as the music change.


  • Eco effects for sounding karaoke.
  • Lights are really amazing and give the feel of disco or concert.
  • Powerful woofer and tweeter deliver the best quality sounds.
  • Easy to transport for its 4-handles and wheel underneath. 


  • No option for playing radio.
  • The mic could be better. 


Ion Audio Job Rocker Plus (Black) Ion Job Rocker Plus Review

Speakers are not meant for parties only; a good spear will give you some ‘me time’ while enjoying music or Netflix. The Ion Audio job rocker plus comes with built-in radio, Bluetooth connectivity with bass and amplification. It comes with 50-watt power, a ¼” mic with long hours of battery performance. Once the charge it can play for 40-50 hours long. The speaker has a connection for both AC and dc power wall outlet from your room or vehicles.

This speaker is only one pound and 12×14.6×15.8 inches in dimension. Also, it has heavy-duty steel handles, and corner bumpers which keep it safe from external pressure or getting bump into something.

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  • Easy to set up.
  • Very lightweight and even kids can carry it.
  • Has quality knob for volume control.
  • The standard type of power cable and usable for Pc too.
  • The A/C power on the back side which evenly distribute the power. 


  • The audio and video syncronizing on phone and speaker do not match accurately.
  • The FM/ tuner scan up/down is slow. 


Ion Explorer Outback 2 Bluetooth Water Resistant Speaker SystemIon Explorer Outback 2 Bluetooth Water Resistant Speaker System Review

The Ion Explorer Outback 2 Bluetooth Water Resistant Speaker System is perfect for outdoor music in any weather. Its a well rugged robust rechargeable speaker system with Bluetooth connectivity and FM/AM radio. Moreover, the speaker is easily pair able with your NFC enabled devices too. It has a microphone connected with cable and lighting system with multiple colors of lights.

In addition, the speaker offers 100-watt peak power amplifier with a bass boost button, 3-inch tweeter, 8-inch woofer, all these combined makes a pretty clear sound. Another right side about the speaker is you can play music directly from your smartphone by connecting it via the USB port. That means you have got most of the connectivity system to utilize.

The speaker is only 12x 8x 18 inches and weighs 33.1 pounds. It’s a heavy speaker though. However, you won’t feel trouble to move it around much.


  • Exciting lighting effects during playing.
  • A microphone and cable also included.
  • Has space for a cup holder and can open bottles with opener.
  • Easy to move with sturdy handles and wheel.
  • 100 hours of battery backup.
  • LED light bar with multi-color. 


  • Slightly heavy.
  • Some people complain about sound distortion high volume sometimes. 


Ion Audio Pathfinder | High Power All-Weather Rechargeable SpeakerIon Audio Pathfinder - Ion tailgater vs block rocker

For loud sound and battery safety from water, the Ion Audio Pathfinder is really a great speaker for long time parties. This speaker is IPX4 waterproof so, you can use it outside with no shade or near the swimming pool. Even the audio speaker get wet from rain, it will still be well and perform.

The dimension of the speaker is 11x 18x 18.5 inches, and weight is 30.9 pounds. Its little heavy its two side handles, and one trolly handle plus wheels make it so easy to move around. However, it has a 100-watt peak power amp with 8-inch woofer and a 3-inch tweeter. The battery of the speaker can hold charge 70-75 hours constantly. You can play music via your smartphone or any device with Bluetooth connectivity. It has FM/AM radio option as well.

You can play music on the speaker directly to your tab/phone by connecting via cable as well. For live performance, it has microphone included. The speaker is overall good and quite long even in low volume.


  • Potent and super strong bass.
  • Waterproof and okay to leave out in the rain.
  • 75 hours of battery backup.
  • Include a quality microphone as well.
  • Bluetooth connectivity, Aux input for other devices with AM/FM radio. 


  • In some note, it muddies the sound.
  • No graphic equalizer. 


Ion Audio Raptor | Wireless Ford Themed Portable PA Speaker Ion Audio Raptor | Wireless Ford Themed Portable PA Speaker

If you need something heavy from inside to out with maximum sound quality then ion Audio Raptor is a great speaker to buy. It comes with a full rugged body which called “All- terrain tire”. It’s a rubber treated body that gives a stylish Ford pickup feel. The speaker also has two cup holders on top, three handles, and wheels for transporting.

This best ion speaker provides 100W (peak) output power, an 8” woofer/HF-3” tweeter, etc. for the connectivity you get the Bluetooth technology, NFC and radio. It also has a microphone for speech singing performance. To make your parties more lively and adventurous, it has a multi-color light bar on the front matter. This bar can pulse to the music, stay steady or off according to your need.


  • High volume power-great for outdoor adventures.
  • Rubber-treaded body assures maximum durability.
  • Long hour battery performance.
  • Two sides are carrying handles, wheels and telescoping handles for easy portability.
  • Fully water resistant. 


  • Takes more time to charge fully.
  • Poor scanner for radio catches only three stations.


ION Pathfinder II Rugged Bluetooth Portable SpeakerION Pathfinder II Rugged Bluetooth Portable Speaker

The ION Pathfinder II Rugged Bluetooth Portable Speaker is a waterproof device with the rechargeable battery. It let you stream your favorite music, play movies for many hours wirelessly. It has Bluetooth technology, with NFC, radio connectivity. This speaker can get connect with the paired device from 100 ft away. Another good thing about its wireless system is, you can connect your phone and the speaker without facing any fuss.

This device is perfect for home and outdoor functions like hosting a backyard barbecue party, watching football/baseball match together or relaxing on the pool in summer. The speaker delivers 100w of vibrant sound with its 3-inch tweeter, and the built-in led light which changes the mode of a party from dull to thrill.


  • Great sound that does not come out on highest or lowest volume
  • You can charge your phone as well.
  • Waterproof, strong body.
  • Easy to pair up with your Bluetooth and NFC supported devices.
  • Pair up with other ion speakers.
  • Better sound quality. 


  • No equalizer for turn the bass up/down.
  • Battery hour is lower that is advertised. 


ION Audio Plunge | Waterproof Stereo Boombox with BluetoothION Audio Plunge Review

Till now you have known all large size of speaker that mostly for the cover party and all. But the ion Audio plunge is different them all. Its a 10.2×3.1×5.9 size of the speaker which you can carry in your car, boat or anywhere you like. It weighs only 2 lbs and has 20 watts power of the amplifier. It’s a truly small package big black of speaker for vast music enjoyment anywhere inside or outside the home.

The speaker is Bluetooth compatible with any iOS and Andriod devices in max 100 ft range. It also has a built-in microphone so you can answer your calls or interact with Siri or google assistant. The speaker uses a micro USB cable to charge its built-in battery. It takes 4 hours to charge and give 20 hours of battery backup.


  • A waterproof stereo speaker which floats and fully submersible.
  • Long time battery performance.
  • Easy Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Easy to use and control
  • Built-in microphone for speakerphone functionality. 


  • Lack of longevity.
  • Not much loud on a boat or near the river. 


ION Audio Job Rocker Plus | Portable Heavy-Duty Jobsite Bluetooth Speaker SystemION Audio Job Rocker Plus Review

Last but not least, the Ion Audio Job Rocker Plus is a simple, straightforward use yet compelling speaker for indoor and outdoor usage. We have inspired by many Ion Job Rocker Plus Review which appreciated its sound quality and other features especially its appearance. The speaker is entirely orange with a black border and chrome plated corner bumpers and handles. Also, rubber dust cover above audio ports, power outlets, and large rubberized buttons not only makes its control unit durable but unique as well.

However, this Ion speaker job rocker works wirelessly via Bluetooth technology, NFC and can backup more than 50 hours once charged fully.

The speaker also comes with a built-in digital AM/FM radio, an Aux input for connecting, tabs mp3 and smartphones. It even a 12V power outlet so you can charge it from vehicle too. And two AC power outlets for charging any light or devices.


  • Decent power system.
  • The built-in rechargeable battery provides 50 hours of battery backup.
  • Has 1/8” Aux input to connect MP3 and smartphones.
  • Digital radio with six-preset buttons and flexible rubber antenna.
  • Long-lasting wooden cabinet with chrome plated handle and corner bumpers. 


  • Does not come with microphone whereas other same priced speakers are offers built-in or individual microphones. 


How to Choose the Best Ion Speaker

Now you know about some quality speakers from those best ion speaker reviews. But how will you determine which particular one suits the best of your needs? Learn and follow these things in order to choose your right ion speaker. Such as,

  • Connectivity

Connectivity is primer concern for any portable speaker. This option allows you to connect your playing sources like a computer, Laptop, Smartphone or tabs. A convenient spear offers connectivity like, Bluetooth, NFC, Aux input, and wi-fi. To understand about it here is a quick-short review of these.

Bluetooth- the Bluetooth connectivity one of the standard and convenient wireless technology for connection one of the multiple devices. Most of the music playing section, smartphone, and tabs come with this secure connectivity. However, it’s essential to check out the connectivity range of your speaker and the set. Generally, ION speakers come with 50-100 ft of wireless spectrum. It might differ in other models. The highest range of Bluetooth connectivity allows high distance operation as well.

Wi-Fi- some latest and high-quality speakers include wi-fi connectivity as well. It gives you to connect with the music streaming website, online radio or smartphones that are hook-up with wifi. These type of speakers are perfect for office/home use.

NFC- Sort form of near Field communication is another option to connect a speaker with a smartphone or laptop. You can easily connect your phone and the speaker with ‘tap to pair’ choice.

  • Quality of the Sound

The main priority of any speaker is the sound quality. Usually, speakers with 10-50W offer a decent quality sound that’s perfect for poolside or home parties. More watts, amplification, bass, etc. means better sound performance.

  • Portability

Portable speakers are wireless and easy to carry anywhere. Look for a speaker that has a sturdy frame with additional handles and wheels to take it anywhere. The weight between 1-15 lbs is easy to move or carry in different places.

  • Battery Life

Usually, battery-powered portable ion speakers give 20-50 hours of run time, even some more. This time is sufficient to cover a party, program or gathering. If you need more battery life, it should have an option for covering up by direct plugging on the power outlet.

  • Other Features

Some other features like water-resistance, outlook, lighting option etc. able a speaker work on near water body and gives disco-like effect in a party. Also, some speaker has an option for built-in speaker, radio, flash drive/Micro SD card slot, mic as well. These are pretty helpful to run a musical night. 

Tips on Using Ion Audio Speaker

Ion audio speakers are relatively easy to use. Still, you might face some difficulties while using it for the first time or middle in a party. Here are some tips and tricks to using your Ion and Audio speakers efficiently. Have a look below.

  • Keep your device closer to the speaker even it offers the highest range. Close range helps perfect sound quality.
  • Before paring your speaker with the phone via Bluetooth, reset the settings every time. The speaker may pair with other device or may face difficulties in pairing up sometimes. Presenting solves most connectivity problems.
  • Most Bluetooth functionality of laptop/pc is not compatible with speaker Bluetooth. If you are planning to play music from your computer via Bluetooth, check them before the party or gathering. If need (and possible) you can change the connectivity of your device. Wi-fi is a better option in these case.
  • If your speaker is not water resistance, make sure to place it anywhere dry and where water splash will not catch the box.
  • Don’t store a dirty speaker on the box part afterward. Before storing the speaker make sure all the mic, power cords are detached. Also, wipe the while speaker, dust the woofer outside carefully thus it gets dirty from the last party by the splashed champion, confetti, cake icing, etc.

Final Words

ION speakers can play music anywhere at anyplace low or loud. You can operate it via multiple options and that the magnificent beauty of these speakers after their sound quality. And the investment is totally worth every buck you spend on them. However, our top voted ion speaker from all of these best ion speaker reviews is for ION Audio Tailgater (iPA77). This is one of the most excellent Ion’s creation for long-lasting performance. Besides, it offers high battery backup, secure connectivity, and best tune to enjoy a different kind of music. However, the other 9 options given above are also great from a different perspective. So, study this review guide one more time to get your best ion speaker to make your home, office parties exciting more.

*Featured Imagse Source: Ion Audio

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