Top 10 Best LED Aquarium Light Reviews and Guide

Best LED aquarium light is crucial for any aquarium light system. After all, any aquarium light is directly related to the quality of the aquarium. It ensures the natural effect of sea/river for the living creatures inside this water box. The light helps your fish to stay healthy and happy. Also, it helps to proper photosynthetic activities for the plant coral and the reefs.

Consequently, if the light you set on top of your fish tank can’t duplicate the natural light, it could be bad for their growth and even for life. The living chances of the invertebrates or plants will be low for low, inappropriate lighting.

Best LED Aquarium Light Reviews

So, how could you design the lighting system that can mimic the natural condition under water? Do good research and grab the best aquarium light for your aquatic pets.

Comparison of 5 Best LED Aquarium Light for the Money

Aquarium LED LightVIPARSPECTRA LED Aquarium LightCOODIA Aquarium Hood LightingKoval Inc. Aquarium LightingHonpal LED Aquarium Light (Editor's Choice)OceanRevive® Arctic-T247 LED Aquarium Light
ImageVIPARSPECTRA Timer Control 165W LED Aquarium LightCOODIA Aquarium Hood LightingKoval Inc. Aquarium LightingHonpal LED Aquarium LightOceanRevive® Arctic-T247
Editor's Rating4.5/54.6/54.5/54.8/54.6/5
Dimensions16X8.5X2.4 Inches19-28 Inches36-1/2"L x 5"W x 1-1/4"H13.38X5.31X2.16 Inches16X10.4X1.6 Inches
Designed ForCoral Reef Tanks/FreshwaterFreshwater and SeawaterFish Tank, Freshwater and SaltwaterFreshwater and SeawaterFish Tank, Freshwater and Saltwater
Warranty3 Years1 Year1 Year1 Year1 Year

10 Best LED Aquarium Light Reviews

Recent technology advancement we have some excellent option to utilize which could give the aquarium bright, shimmery and growing friendly environment to your aquarium. Best LED aquarium lighting is specially made to serve as life-enhancer and beautifier for the aquatic life.

In this led aquarium lighting review we have narrowed down some best LED aquarium lights ideal for fresh/salt water, plant, reef, coral, and the most important fish. So let’s get started.

VIPARSPECTRA Timer Control 165W LED Aquarium LightVIPARSPECTRA Timer Control 165W Led aquarium light review

This one is our first best LED aquarium light is for the Led aquarium light review. For the price, this Light is really impressive. It offers many useful features that only found some expensive, high-quality aquarium lights. However, this one has a right mixture of blue, teal, white and UV LED. 2/3 of the lights blue and rest 1/3 are white. The ratio helps the set to the balance of the PAR output and coverage.

This light set has the full spectrum of property layout. It’s suitable for all the photosensitive corals along with fish and maintains healthy growth and happy environment. It mimics the natural lights to help corals/fish achieving the best growth.

It comes with a built-in trimmer dimmable ability and advances heat dissipation system. A remote controller comes with LED light and helps you to control its settings. The controller has settings for turn off/on the blue and white light if you want to switch on/off them separately.

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  • Has a proper balance of light ensuring healthy growth of the marine creatures.
  • Reset timer and brightness adjustment settings.
  • Durable and don’t require any maintenance.
  • Comes with adjustable hanging kits, remote controller, etc.
  • Reasonably priced product. 


  • The color blend is not so smooth.
  • No manual on/off button included. 


COODIA Aquarium Hood Lighting ColorCOODIA best led aquarium lighting

If you want a Led aquarium light with different color options, then COODIA Aquarium Hood Lighting Color is relaid a useful alternative. It comes in four different colors- blue, green, dark orange and white. All these are individually helpful to grow plants and corals naturally. The aquarium light is suitable for fresh and saltwater.

The light set is suitable to fit aquariums 19 to 28 inches. It’s easy to hang because of its extendable bracket. You can adjust the length according to your requirement. It’s innovative, and professional design consumes less energy and can run for a long time. The COODIA lighting is good to run more than 10000 hours.

Another great thing about LED light is its remote controller. Compare than any other remote controller this one is ten times stronger and can control the light from a long distance. It can even control the light through a thick wall. The controller has dimmer, flash mode, strobing mode, color selection, on/off button, etc.

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  • Comes with four different color of lighting option- white blue, orange and green.
  • Powerful remote control.
  • Suitable for fresh and saltwater.
  • Easy adjusting option for hanging.
  • Affordable price. 


  • No multi-coloring light option.
  • Some colors are too bright. 


Koval Inc. Aquarium Lighting Fish Tank Light Hood with Extendable BracketsKoval Inc - best led aquarium lighting for plants

If you are looking for a durable yet affordable aquarium light then Koval Inc. Aquarium Lighting Fish Tank Light is a perfect option to consider. It comes in 5 different colors with total 129 LED’s. The LED shell is made of high-quality aluminum alloy with durable plastic parts.

The aquarium light is appropriate for aquarium size 36-43 inches. Its highly efficient o maintains the growth of your aquatic plants. Also, the fish will stay in the happy environment and look luxuriant under it.

This led lights for planted freshwater aquarium comes with a remote controller with settings like All LEDs on; Blue LED on and on/off features. That means you have all blue light option which is good to use at night. The other option is white light with a mix of all colors. This one is good for using daytime.

Compare than its work in consuming little power. So low energy and cost dissipation. The light set suitable for both salt and freshwater setups.

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  • Extendable bracket suitable hang on different size of aquarium.
  • Comes with 5 colors of vivid light.
  • Consumes low currents.
  • Maximum lifespan.
  • Affordable price. 


  • Over the time the extendable bracket weeks.
  • Many complaints the brighter lights grow algae in their tank. 


Honpal LED Aquarium Light with Extendable Brackets, White and Blue LEDsHonpal LED - best led aquarium lighting for corals

If are going to invest in aquariums lights for the first time then Honpal LED Aquarium Light with Extendable Brackets is a smart option to consider. It comes with two light color options blue and while. They both are right to maintain the overall health of the entire ecosystem of your aquarium. It allows a better view of the fish and plant; it’s that bright. But it does not give that eye-killing view like other aquarium lights.

The white light makes the aquatic watercolor, clear and transparent. It enhances the growth of photosynthesis of grass/plants in the tanks and makes them healthy. Overall it makes the whole appearance of the aquarium very beautiful.

This best LED aquarium lighting for corals Light is 12.5 inches long and can be expanded to 21.6 inches. You can use it for any water setups either hanging or just put on the glass cover of the tank.


  • Energy efficient operation.
  • Easily cover the aquarium mouth.
  • Suitable for growing plants and corals.
  • Very cheap. 


  • Damage easily if get in touch with water.
  • Less durable. 


OceanRevive® Arctic-T247 Full Spectrum Dimmable 120W LED Aquarium Reef LightOceanRevive® led aquarium lights for reef tanks

If you bothered with lots of algae growth then replace your old aquarium light with OceanRevive® Arctic-T247 Full Spectrum Dimmable 120W LED Aquarium Reef Light. The light comes with two color option, white and blue. The white light is contained in all the necessary colors including UV rays. That is why it’s great to maintain the natural growth of your aquarium’s environment.

This best aquarium light for plants come with the advance addition of remote controller with two light modes, time, on/off, etc. the interesting thing about the controller is the buttons of it glows in the dark. However, the using method of the OceanRevive® Arctic-T247 is straightforward and easy to maintain.

This best led aquarium lighting for plants is adequate on stopped the endless cycle of brown algae growth. Algeas are deadly for colors. If you want to solve the problem increase the duration of blue light and lessen the white light duration for a month. Then gradually increase the white light duration in days like 2/3 hours max.


  • Remote control’s button glows in the dark.
  • Ideal for marine and fresh aquatic application.
  • Naturally useful for fish and plant growth.
  • Good for penetrating the light in-depth of water. 


  • Pricy aquarium LED.
  • Little large to fit o the tank in a proper way. 


NICREW ClassicLED Aquarium LightNICREW ClassicLED - led lights for planted freshwater aquariums

Give your aquarium a bright, shimmering effective within budget with NICREW ClassicLED Aquarium Light. This aquarium light comes with two different light modes- the white and blue one. For daytime use the white light and for the night, the blue ones. It’s usable for tanks in between 20-27 inches. Unlike other aquariums, you don’t need to hang them. Besides just place it to the glass or plastic canopy of your fish tank. Its adjustable metal bracket fits firmly on the aquarium cover well. But the thickness should be maximum ½ inches.

The aquarium light works well to improve the growth of the plants and corals. It helps to several photosynthetic organisms in your aquarium. It’s suitable to use all kind of water especially the saltwater. It’s light and flexible so easy to work with.

If you like realistic looking lights and useful for healthy environment of the fish tank then NICREW ClassicLED Aquarium Light is really a good one. It’s affordable, comes with useful features and good to use for 24/7 hours.


  • Bright and energy efficient lights.
  • Two light mode for to use- day and night.
  • Useable above the clear glass and plastic canopy.
  • Affordable product. 


  • No option for dim the night mode.
  • The parts are a week. 


Current USA Orbit Marine Aquarium LED LightCurrent USA planted aquarium led lighting guide

So here is another aquarium light with some advanced features. The Current USA Orbit Marine Aquarium LED Light comes with 24 hours on/off timer. You can ramp up or dim it down as well in 0- 30 min duration. It has also featured like color adjustment, moonlight, brightness settings and so on.

You can use the aquarium light for 24-36 inches tanks. It has a thin and slim housing which easy to set up. Also, it has docking mounts fit on a wide variety of aquarium size. It’s water-resistant, so safe for long time use. You can adjust the light to control the effect of the natural rhythmic light cycle of sunrise and sunset.

A moonlight color is an option found on many advance aquariums light to bring the effect of the night time with the moon. But the thing is in this moonlight is little stronger than it should be. It’s less bright than usual blue light but stronger than the moonlight.


  • Small size fits under the hook well.
  • Low maintenance’s light with additional features.
  • The light is intense and shimmery but not overpowering.
  • Good for corals growth.
  • Worth the pricing. 


  • The programming of the timer is little complicated.
  • The moonlight is brighter than it should be.


MarsAqua Dimmable 165W LED Aquarium LightMarsAqua Dimmable 165W LED Aquarium Light

Investing in aquarium light should be smart otherwise you end up with spending 1000$ dollars but no satisfaction of service. That is why we tried to pick all these best aquarium lights which will serve you well without spending that much of money. And the group wills incomplete without mentioning MarsAqua Dimmable 165W LED Aquarium Light. This is a simple but excellent value life with a long lifespan.

It has two light option blue and white; also, two dimmers, two on/off switch to control the lights (blue/white) individually. The reason that this led aquarium lights for reef tanks have all spread switches because it does not come with any remote controllers. Yes, you heard correct; it hasn’t any controller; you have some manual switch to control all the operation. But this would not bother you much unless you are too lazy!

The 165 w aquariums light is suitable to use all kind of water tank size 24*24*24 inches. It ensures the growth and health of the marine plant, coral, and reef and keeps the fish happy.


  • The light has daisy chain function.
  • Bright and make your aquarium luxurious.
  • Easy to hang in different height.
  • Low noise cooling fan.
  • Reasonable pricing. 


  • No timer system.
  • Lack of UV and purple light. 


HIPARGERO LED Aquarium LightHIPARGERO LED Aquarium Light

Those who need the smaller size of aquarium light should try HIPARGERO LED Aquarium Light. It has touch control unit with on/off two dimmable Led channels. It comes with a mounting bracket and adjusting rod which hold the light. The holder of the light is very rigid yet flexible.

The aquarium light consists of Cree LEDs and professional spectrums. The manufacturer included 3w powerful Cree royal blue, Cree white and Cree blue LEDs for the HIPARGERO and divided them into three separate sections. They used the 90-degree acrylic lens to ensure the greater light efficiency and excellent color gradient. It works well all the living creature inside the tank and makes the tank look soft and shiny.

You can set the light or your different marine pets and promote their growth. This premium saltwater aquarium light is easy to adjust and suitable to use tank 10-18 inches with 1.2 inches thickness.


  • Sturdy mount brackets.
  • Easy to set up on your saltwater aquarium.
  • Bright and lightweight.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Built-in fan and touch control. 


  • Don’t cover large aquariums.
  • Don’t work fish tank with the rim. 


Beamworks Beamswork DA 6500K 0.50W Series LED Pent Aquarium LightBeamworks Beamswork DA 6500K 0.50W Series LED Pent Aquarium Light

Last but not least, the Beamworks Beamswork DA 6500K 0.50W Aquarium Light is money and energy efficient option for regular lighting. It comes with high-quality LED’s that would be a good alternative for individual single or dual fluorescent light tubes. The light set is specially made for marine plants. It’s fitted with 6500K spectrum LED’s which are generally used for freshwater aquarium setup with plants. But it’s suitable for reef, corals as well.

This best led aquarium lighting for plants is durable than other. Its long-lasting bulbs are waterproof, heat-proof and don’t damage voltage up-downs. For the control, they added the simple on/off button. But there is a way to have a timer feature. If you want the timer features, you have to purchase timer module separately.


  • Suitable for lightly planted aquariums.
  • Help your marine created to grow up naturally.
  • Consume less power.
  • Reasonable price. 


  • The size of the light is more prominent than actually, it states.
  • Fewer features on the control unit. 


How to Choose the Best Led Aquarium Light

Choosing the best-LED aquarium light will be easy once you are clear and well-informed about these flowing factors. So, here is a planted aquarium led lighting guide for you to pick top quality led aquarium light.

  • Timer

The features like a timer will save your time and energy to turning on and off the light system daily. You can set a particular or dual mode in different time settings to ensure the well-being of your aquarium creates.

You can choose aquarium light including timer or buy it separately. If you have the timer, you can set and forget about the light settings without any regret!

  • Light Spectrum

Light spectrum measured in kelvin (k) and it’s the color of the light created. The daylight is 6500k. Planets are happy with 2700 k and red, yellow, etc. warm colors. Color light or blue lights are suitable for coral and reef but not as good for plants.

If you have densely plant loaded aquarium avoids blue or 10000k lights. As long as you are on 6500-6700 K any color of the light set is appropriate to choose.

  • Size

Remember the pure full the taller your fish tank is, the more extensive your aquarium light should be. So always compare the tank size with the model you’re going to choose.  Usually, they mention the light capacity with tank size in first place. However, having the dimmable light feature is handy to control the brightness of your aquarium.

How to Take Care Led Aquarium Light

LED lights are low maintenance product. It needs to take care too. Here are some tips to take care of your aquarium light. Like,

Use different color combination to your saltwater or freshwater tank. Most of the aquarium lights come with a multi-color option. Using one color lights for years will only lessen their lifespan. So use random color even it’s for 20 min.

Make sure the LED’s have proper ventilation and cooling features. LED produce heat during the operation to add a cooling fan inside your canopy if it does not have any.

Check the safety features or instruction given the light. If your LEDs are not water-proof make sure to set them up at a reasonable distance from the water exposed.

Check the plug and connection once in a week to avoid any damage or accident caused by overheating or electricity.

Benefits of Using Led Light on Aquarium

Benefits of having LED aquarium light over fluorescent light are so many. Here given some cause and effect of LED aquariums.

  • To maintain the proper growth of your aquatic pets LED lights are beneficial. Plants, corals, reed, algae, etc. grow well under LED’s lights.
  • This light pops the color of your aquarium creatures. Some individual fish glows really lovely in the different spectrum of LEDs.
  • The light decreases the rate of water disease for both plant and fish.
  • Led lights provide more oxygen and energy to the water.
  • LED lights are very energy efficient. They will save a lot of money compare than fluorescent lights.
  • Create mesmerizing shine effect in your aquarium. A different mix of colors brings out a different look of your aquarium.

Final Words

Aquarium lighting plays a prominent role to illuminate the underworld you created on your own. It’s also helpful to grow the living creatures thereby providing energy and oxygen in the water. Most of the aquarium hobbits want it for decoration and illumination purpose. Those who have the saltwater tank, reef, and plant value of its superior feature as a growth enhancer. However, having a quality aquarium light is essential no matter what type of aquarium setup you have (living or artificial).

In that case, we found Honpal LED Aquarium Light is very active on most of the purpose. It’s efficient, long lasting and convenient to use. Make sure its compatible with your aquarium size.

Also, you can choose other aquarium lights from our top Led aquarium light reviews. All they are unique and do a great job to keep your aquarium healthy and happy. So, choose wisely and before that, be 100% sure what you need the best LED aquarium light for your aquarium.

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