Top 10 Best Lipo Charger for the Money | Reviews and Buying Guide for 2018

The Best Lipo Charger could always ready to power your batteries. And if you are the person who works/plays with remote-controlled, drones, trains, cars, or any other RC toys or devices, then you really want this one. This type of device need high power to work, and sometimes the battery needs to discharge for the sake of its longevity. A LiPo charger can make sure of continuous charging and discharge at anyplace with necessary current supply.Best Lipo Charger for the Money

Usually, a charger takes 1-2 hour to complete the charging depending its and battery’s size and capacity. Compare then other battery chargers this charger is 10-time efficient and fast. And fortunately, they come under your budget also.

Comparison of 5 Best Li-Po Charger for the Money

Lipo ChargerTenergy TB6-B (Editor's Choice)Keenstone Lipo Battery ChargerTenergy 1-4 Cells Li-PO/Li-Fe Balance ChargerTraxxas 2992 LiPo Battery and Charger HOBBYMATE Elite Lipo Battery Balance Charger
ImageTenergy TB6-BKeenstone Lipo Battery ChargerTenergy 1-4 Cells Li-PO/Li-Fe Balance ChargerTraxxas 2992 LiPo Battery and Charger HOBBYMATE Elite Lipo Battery Balance Charger
Editor's Rating4.6/54.6/54.5/54.6/54.5/5
AC100~240 Volts100~240 Volts100~240 Volts100~240 Volts100~240 Volts
DC11~18 Volts11~18 Volts4.2~16.8 Volts7.4 Volts11~18 Volts
LCD DisplayYesYesNoNoYes
Weight0.59 Pounds 0.84 Pounds 0.24 Pounds 2 Pounds 0.45 Pounds
WarrantyN/A1 Year1 Year1 Year1 Year

10 Best Lipo Charger Reviews 2018

Having troubles to find best quality Lipo chargers? Here we tried and tested ten best lipo chargers for the money. Have a look below.

Tenergy TB6-B Balance Charger Discharger 1S-6S Digital Battery Pack ChargerTenergy TB6-B Balance Charger Discharger - Best lipo battery charger

The Tenergy TB6-B Balance Charger Discharger is one of the best multi lipo chargers on the market. You can charge with it a large number of different kinds of batteries. Also, it reduces the need for using more than one separate charger for your RC and airsoft batteries.

This charger pack offers an octopus multi-charging harness which includes, JST, EC3, Deans, HiTec, mini Tamiya, Tamiya connectors, and alligator clips. In a single comprehensive package, all the power supplies are added.

You can use with the charger for NiMH, NiCd, LiPO, Li-ion, LiFePO4, and SLA battery packs. It also offers a wide variety of voltage compatibility for use with different batteries for a different device. This lipo charger has an LCD screen to show all the charging status, navigation data, modes, and selection info. Overall, its a budget-friendly easy multi-purpose serve battery charger for everyone.

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  • Many bonus accessories are included for multi-charging.
  • Offers huge voltage compatibility.
  • Easy to read charging status through LCD screen.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Easy to program. 


  • No XT60 plug is included.
  • The instruction manual is difficult to understand. 


Keenstone Lipo Battery Charger/Discharger with Low Voltage CheckerKeenstone Lipo Battery Charger/Discharger with Low Voltage Checker - best dual lipo charger

Keenstone Lipo Battery Charger/Discharger with Low Voltage Checker is a durable and budget-friendly Lipo Charger for different types of battery charging and discharging. It can perform one to five cycles continuously to refresh and balance a battery. It offers three charging modes, balanced load, charger or discharge cycle, and storage. For battery charging and prevent overcharging you can set the period of charging. Also, it has the option to set the temperature also to prevent overheating. Most of the common problem of a charger/discharger is the overheating. This lipo charger has a cooling fan to keep the system cool too. And if you think the heat can cross the tolerance line, set the temp to prevent any damages.

The Keenstone Lipo Battery Charger/Discharger is equipped with mini and standard Tamiya connector, DEANs, Xt60, alligator clips and exposed wire of your choice. It can charge a battery to .1-10A limit and unload your battery at the .1-5A limit.


  • It has a fan to keep cool the box down.
  • Nice memory features to track using records.
  • Supports up to seven types of batteries.
  • Convenient size for charging in a metal box or move around.
  • Easy to use plug cord. 


  • The storage setting takes a long time if the battery needs to be discharged.
  • The voltage tester has no direction.


Tenergy 1-4 Cells Li-PO/Li-Fe Balance Charger- Great For Airsoft & RC Car Battery PacksTenergy 1-4 Cells Li-PO/Li-Fe Balance Charger- Great For Airsoft & RC Car Battery Packs

Tenergy 1-4 Cells Li-PO/Li-Fe Balance Charger is for those who want a cheap priced Lipo Charger for their battery or especially want a charger for lipo/lifePO4 batteries. This 3.7-14.8v LifePO4 balance charger is mainly famous for its smaller capacity mAh Airsoft and other custom battery pack. It also supports large receptivity mAh packs but takes time to charge completely. The charger is compatible with 1S to 4S Li-Po/Li-Fe battery with XH types connectors. The specification inputs DC 10-16V, 1.0-1.5A and output DC 4.3V/16.8V for Li-PO, DC 3.6V/ 14.4V for Li-Fe batteries. Usually, it takes one hour to charge 10000mah battery. This cheap lipo charger has an advanced system to charge each cell individually too.

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  • Batteries are balances automatically to ensure full charging.
  • Very light and easy to carry.
  • Automatically disconnect once done.
  • Beautiful well-built aluminum. 


  • The charger gets so warm sometimes.
  • The poor quality instruction guide.


Traxxas 2992 LiPo Battery and Charger Completer PackTraxxas 2992 - cheap lipo charger

The Traxxas 2992 LiPo Battery and Charger Completer Pack is a high capacity charger with 5800 mAh power battery and a 2970Ez-peak plus 4-amp charger. It includes a smart system to charge the Traxxas batteries leisurely but safely. The charger readily recognizes Traxxas iD batteries and instantly configure and optimize the charger setting. Anyway, you can manually the change the charging settings if you want to.

It can charges 5 to 8 cell NiMH, 2S, and 3S batteries with it easy to use interface. It includes a charging process indicator, integrated cooling fan and advanced settings for complete manual control. The charger is pretty simple to understand and apply for the beginners.


  • Recognize iD batteries automatically to program and optimize the charging settings.
  • The advance setting for full manual control.
  • Includes cooling fan charge process indicator.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Maximum capacity (5800mAh). 


  • The fan of the charger makes noise.
  • No difference in speed. 


HOBBYMATE Elite Lipo Battery Balance ChargerHOBBYMATE Elite Lipo Battery Balance Charger - best multi lipo charger

Here is another best lipo charger for money with all additional features, HOBBYMATE Elite Lipo Battery Balance Charger. It included a high power circuit, with RC battery charger with 80w charging power. Its max current is 6A.

It comes with a 2-in-1 charging cable with XT60 Plug and deans plug. You can use Li-Ion, LiFe, Lipo, LiHv, Nicd, NimM, 2-20 v PB battery, smart battery phantom (I, II, III). Its suits with most popular batteries but still you may need a spare adaptor to cover other types of batteries. The HOBBYMATE Elite work as a charger, balancer, and discharger. It can check the voltage, internal battery resistance. Also, terminal voltage control, Data storing, Lipo meter, Digital dc power included with this charger.

In general, the charger is safe to reuse with different types of battery. It offers an option for the capacity limit, charge current limit, temperature, processing time limit and so on. Overall, its a budget-friendly useful charger for any use.

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  • Includes power supply instead of just battery clips.
  • Bright and easy to read the screen.
  • Stays cool even there is no fan included inside.
  • Live voltage reading option to balance battery cells if need. 


  • The alarm noise is loud enough to hear.
  • Includes popular battery adaptor options but for others, you need an adapter to work/charge. 


Venom Pro Duo 80W X2 Dual AC/DC 7A LiPo/LiHV & NiMH RC Battery Balance ChargerVenom Pro Duo 80W X2 Dual AC/DC 7A LiPo/LiHV & NiMH RC Battery Balance Charger

The Venom Pro Duo 80W X2 is a compelling advance option for balanced charging. It comes with the monolithic vertical stance compare that traditional flat casing box. The charges save a lot of bench space but offer the same advantage of lipo chargers. It includes two complete charging circuits with each dedicated 80W power supply. These two power supplying channels are ensured receiving full 80W power without diluting amp rate while charging the second pack.

You don’t need to haul to separate power supply out of the track. Which saves time and energy of course. The charger has five menu navigation control button and bright LCD screen for reading the data. It supports LiPo, LiHV LiFe, Li-Ion, NiMH, NiCD, and Pb (lead acid) commonly used batteries.


  • Includes all necessary connectors.
  • Lightweight and integrated with carrying handle for easy transport.
  • Bright backlit LCD screen for all the data show.
  • Most of the common battery chemistries are supported.
  • Easy to use. 


  • The instruction manual is lacking.
  • Does not comes with Traxxas charge lead. 


RC B3 LiPo 2S-3S Battery Balancer Charger 7.4-11.1V RC Pro Compact Charger B3ACRC B3 LiPo 2S-3S Battery Balancer Charger 7.4-11.1V RC Pro Compact Charger B3AC

If you want to invest very low and get overall high performance than RC B3 Lipo is the thing you need. It’s a small balance charger for your Lipo batteries. It can charge 2-3 cells Lipo battery with its extensive AC input. The charging speed and time are not so impressive neither so disappointing. Its similar to other traditional lipo chargers which take 1-1.5 hrs to charge, the charger comes with 100-240 v AC switch power and the balance circuit. These supply a significant amount of current, more than 850 mA per cell.

The using process of the charger is straightforward. There is no hi-tech display or settings to monitor or control its action. Its simple plug and play. So for light and short times project of planning the RC B3 pro compact charger will be perfect to have.

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  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Very light and easy to place anywhere or transport.
  • Built-in AC switch power offers circuit balance.
  • Indicator lights for show either its charging or not.
  • Super cheap Lipo option for project usage. 


  • The charging time is not so impressive.
  • Thin plastic frame seems fragile. 


HTRC LiPo Charger Duo Battery Discharger Dual AC150W DC240WHTRC LiPo Charger Duo Battery Discharger Dual AC150W DC240W

The HTRC LiPo charger dual channel RC battery charger discharger is perfect for any LiPo, LiHV, LiFe, NiMH batteries. It an upgraded balanced charger and can charge two same or different size of batteries successfully. It offers high power, easy manual control; bright 2×16 LED display.

The best dual Lipo charger supports AC distribution mode, total power 150w including the dc mode and works in maximum 2×120 W. The charge current could reach to each port max 10W in both DC or AC mode. The box of the cell of the charger/discharger is made of the plastic. Its looks good but feels thin and less durable. It can count the battery cells of LiPo batteries once installed. It has a cooling fan to control the temperature but when charge two batteries get warm sometimes.


  • Can charge two different batteries with different voltage.
  • Suitable to use with most of the famous batteries.
  • Has an option for terminal voltage control, voltage checking, internal resistance checking.
  • Maximum data storage facility.
  • Larger Blue LED backlight display. 


  • Get warm easily.
  • The body construction seems flimsy. 


Dynamite Prophet Sports LiPo 35W AC ChargerDynamite Prophet Sports LiPo 35W AC Charger

The Dynamite Prophet Sports LiPo AC battery charger is ‘small pack big surprise’ device to charge your batteries. Its a cheap, compact and easy to use option for sports hobbyists. This full powered AC charger can be used for air, marine or surface RC charging. It can easily handle 2s to 3s Lipo batteries and a range of selectable currents.

It came with high visibility and a simplified user interface that anyone could understand and use in a min. It has the option to select current from 0.5 to 3A with a single push button. Also, the charger includes six red LED indicator lights for showing charging current status. Also, there is other red, green and yellow lights show charging status. Besides it has protection from over-current, short circuit, rever polarity, low input voltage, etc. safety protection.


  • Straightforward user interface.
  • Has audible beeps to alert when its done the charging.
  • Removable AC power cord.
  • Fast charging performance.
  • Reasonably priced charger. 


  • Some people complain about the indicator light.
  • For Lipo batteries only. 


jrelecs IMAX B6 OEM Clone Battery Balance Chargerjrelecs IMAX B6 OEM Clone Battery Balance Charger

We are against fake or duplicate branded items, but jrelecs IMAX B6 OEM Clone Battery Balance Charger takes place in this review for its quality. This one is a CLONE B6 charger, and they don’t level it as the original. It’s very cheap and offers all the necessary function that you need for a Lipo charger. The manufacturer committed to the fact and if there is any problem with the product, they will exchange or provide all the support you ask for to fix it.

Now the central part, this charger’s voltage range is Dc 11-18 V and AC to DC adaptor (DC 11-18V/5A). Its maximum charge power is 50W, and discharge power is 5W. It can charge six cells Lipo Battery, has a time limit and other necessary options. Also it compatible to charge and discharge Lion, LIfe (A123), Pb Nicad and NiMH batteries.


  • Intelligent multifunction charger to charge and recharge all type of big batteries.
  • Extensive range of charge storage function.
  • Individual cell balancing capability.
  • Option for timers also.
  • Very affordable. 


  • The beeper makes an annoying sound sometimes.
  • Only 5 data storage option.


What is Lipo Charger?

LiPo battery or the Lithium Polymer battery is currently one of the high powered battery to run light to heavy consumer electric device. This type of cell is getting favorite day by day in the radio control industry for highest power, long run time, recharge and reusability. With this popularity LiPo chargers also become a must-have device for its consumers.

LiPo chargers are a device that could charge different power and size of Lipo batteries in single or multiple quantities in one time. Its usually a compact size charger and most of the charger has discharging, power control option as well.

How LiPo Charger Works

The LiPo charger aims to charge the LiPo class in the specific voltage. This voltage is depending on the numbers of cells multiplied by 4.2 volts. So, a charger first adjusts the output voltage then flow the current to charge a battery. It would be done either automatically or manually by the user. That means you can raise the voltage the increase or decrease the current flow also. Raising the energy in order to match the current flow amount is referred to as the Constant Current phase or CC. CC occurs because of the difference between the charger and the cell pack. The higher the difference, the current flow goes to the battery.

Once the LiPo charger reaches max voltage of the pack, it stopped right there. This condition is referred to Constant Voltage or CV phase. The charging voltage is now paused, but current flows continuously to lessen the existing difference of the pack and charger’s resting voltage. When the pack’s resting voltage raise and come very close to the charger, the current will drop off more and more. The charging cycle will complete once the charge current and voltage reach a predetermined value. 

How to Choose the Best Lipo Charger

Read the following factors given below to learn how to choose the best LiPo charger for the money.

  • Programmable Charger

A high-quality programmable charger allows you to set parameters like charging current, time, types of batteries and so on. This type of charger has a visible display to show current condition such as the quantity of currently charging cell, what voltages of each cell, how much current has been flowed into them and remaining times. Programmable chargers are way better than others to run a charging cycle safely. Many chargers that are programmable includes an option to adjust charging current based on the charger temp and battery voltage level.

  • Cell Count Supports

Different chargers can charge different amount of cells at a time, in low to high speed. It’s better to have a 6S supported charger which can handle a high amount of cells at a time. But make sure it can support other low batteries like 1S-4S too.

  • Charge Rate

The charging rate depends on the max current your battery take and the max current your charger can give. If there is a balance possibility is your battery will be full in a much shorter time. The safety recommendation for a battery is to charge at 1C. Some advanced level of LiPo batteries can be charge 2C or higher.

When charge at 1C, your charging current should be 1Cx2000mAh=2000mA=2A. For 2C the charge should be 2x2000mA=4A.

  • Charger Power

To determine how much power you need for charging your LiPo battery is to multiplying the charging voltage and current. Suppose, to charge a 12. 6 Volt 200mAh 3S battery at 1C (2A), you need a charger that rated for 25.2 watts or more.

VolatgeXCurrent= (12.6Vx2A)= 25.2W. so, if you need to charge at 2C (4A), you need the double power charger with 50.4W.

  • Types of Batteries Support

It’s better to have the option charge different kinds of batteries in a single charger. The charger that supports LiHV LiFe, Li-Ion, NiMH, NiCD, and Pb (lead acid) are cost little high but definitely worth the price.

  • Charger’s Modes

Many advanced levels of charger offer multiple ways like balance charge, fast charge, discharge and storage charger options. Now that’s the tricky part, these are sound promising, but if you are a pure hobbyist, then you must need the charger and discharge option only to keep the budget low. Still, it’s nice to have lots of charging option though.

  • Extra Features

Some other features like LED light, timer, temp control, cooling fan come real handy in this chargers. And the good news is, this is available more or less on maximum best lipo battery charger.

How to Take Care Lipo Charger

  • Read this simple instruction to maintain your Lipo chargers and keep it working for a long time. Such as,
  • Use an open area to charge your batteries. Never charge the battery inside the drone or near anything flammable.
  • Never use a charger in the cold below 0-degree C.
  • Don’t charge batteries more than 1C (the capacity of the battery in amp-hours one time).
  • Stop charging once the battery is full. Don’t push the charging 4.2/cell voltage.
  • Don’t disassemble the battery cells. Dismantling the cell may generate an internal short circuit in the cell. It may cause firing, gazing or even explosion.
  • Never leave your charger unattended.

Final Words

Our top editor’s choice for best LiPo charger for the money is Tenergy TB6-B Balance Charger. This one offers fast performance on charging and discharging the battery. You can use different types of cells on it and get all the info through the LCD panel. However, the other chargers that we reviewed here are also high for small to the large capacity of batteries. Now, it’s your times to be sure about your requirements and determine which LiPo charger suits best on your condition from here.

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