Top 10 Amazing Health Benefits of Isabgol and Uses

You probably have not heard the name of Isabgol or Psyllium Seed Husk, just like you one of my friends has never seen it. The name sounds strange, “Isabgol.” You do not agree with me? But its advantages will make you enjoy it. I will present all the benefits that I found during my research. So, sit down and continue reading a short introduction to this natural medicine before touching on health features, uses, or side effects. Learn a little introduction about the seed bark of Psyllium before going to the benefits, uses or side effects of health. So I decided to bring 10 amazing health benefits of Isabgol.Amazing Health Benefits of Isabgol and Uses

The psyllium seeds come from the large flower of the plant, and the structure is very similar to wheat. It has several beneficial effects, including mild laxatives, diuretic qualities, and cooling.

10 Health Benefits of Isabgol

According to research, Isabgol is part of the seeds of Plantago ovata, (genus Plantago). They are hygroscopic, which enables them to grow and become mucilaginous. It belongs to the Plantaginaceae family. In simple words, it is the seed of the plant known as Plantago ovata. Its leaves have a similar appearance to the leaves of Aloe Vera. This plant is grown in south-east Asia. Let’s know the benefits of Isabgol.

Relieve Constipation

Isabgol Relieve ConstipationIsabgol is commonly used in India and in other countries to relieve constipation and other gastrointestinal motility problems. It provides rapid relief by acting as an effective combination of fibers (which is insoluble and spreads to the stomach) to bind the digestive contents. Also, the fiber molecules in it can attract water molecules and binding (due to their hygroscopic nature), to facilitate intestinal motility and digestive functioning. Take a glass of warm milk, add powder (2 tablespoons), shake and drink the night before bed.

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Treatment of Diarrhea

Yes, it may seem hard to believe, but it is the only home remedy that can relieve constipation while controlling hyper-motility of the gastrointestinal tract (diarrhea). This natural remedy eaten alone or with other gut-repairing foods such as yogurt can help improve the texture and volume of feces, to relieve diarrhea or other motility disorders efficiently. The probiotic-rich yogurt provides the stomach with an appropriate amount of bowel-healing microbial agents for curing the infection, while it helps relieves diarrhea by adding more fiber to the fluid (curing) stool.

How to take Isabgol for Diarrhea: Take fresh curds (3 tablespoons), add 2 tablespoons powder and mix it. Eat it after lunch or dinner. For effective results, be sure to consume yogurt-isabgol blend at least twice a day.

Heartburn Treat

Isabgol for Heartburn TreatThe burning sensation that is characteristic of hyperacidity in the stomach can also be alleviated by isabgol. Its packet provides a layer of coating on the cells of the stomach lining that helps protect delicate tissue from dangerous direct effects of stomach acid. Not only that, but it also provides people at risk with several other benefits, such as the remarkable improvement of the entire process of acidic secretion / gastric digestion substantial drop, reducing the overall severity and severity of episodes of hyperacidity.

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Benefits of Isabgol for Weight Loss

benefits of isabgol for weight lossIsabgol benefits also include weight loss. You can easily achieve your weight loss goals by increasing the use of it. This carries out its actions, effectively reducing the craving for unhealthy foods through satisfying its satiety and appetite. It releases even more waste from your stomach and gastrointestinal tract by improving intestinal motility, so this is also known as “colon cleanser.” Last but not least, it also helps to improve the overall rate of basic metabolism by stimulating detoxification.

How to take it: Take warm water, add lemon and isabgol and drink before your meal.

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Prevention of Heart Disease

how to take isabgol for heart diseaseThanks to its hygroscopic properties, isabgol can also be used to absorb excess cholesterol in your body to cleanse the stomach of unnecessary toxins and cholesterol breakdown products. It contains the good amount of fiber that restricts the body from absorbing fats and oils extra food, thus reducing the risk of heart disease. As you take it with water immediately after your meal.

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Promote Digestion

Using this natural medicine promotes digestion, so it can be very helpful for people who frequent the complaints of indigestion episodes. The fiber content of it allows for easy digestion, facilitating the circulation of food through the intestines.

How to take it: You should take it after each meal with buttermilk to control indigestion problems and the like.

Diabetes Control

Isabgol for Diabetes ControlIt is richly supplied with powerful gelatin molecules that limit the food’s glucose to be easily absorbed into the body after a heavy meal. The gelatinous texture and Isabgol-forming bulk properties help in blood sugar control in diabetics.

How to take: Take it with water right after the conclusion of your meal.

Heal Piles and Cracks

As mentioned earlier, it provides ease in bowel movements because of its laxative and fiber-rich qualities. This helps to soften the stool, making it easier to defecate in the body without any deformation. You can also get the benefits of isabgol for the skin.

Cleanse Colon

Already mentioned above, it has hygroscopic properties, which makes it good colon cleanser.  According to Ayurveda, it moves through the colon and absorbs the dangerous toxic, called AMA in Ayurveda (poisonous waste products that usually cover the walls of the stomach). It helps to keep different digestive conditions out of the picture. That’s the reason why it is a useful approach to cleanse your colon.

Helps in Curing Stains and Fissures

Isabgol Helps in Curing Stains and FissuresWe have already discussed how their laxative properties assist in the natural evacuation. It has a high amount of soluble and insoluble fibers present. In a case of heap and cracks helps in bowel healing. It works as a natural laxative and facilitates the passage of feces.

Possible Isabgol Side Effects

Although health benefits of isabgol are natural and safe, with the shallow potential to cause harm or discomfort to a certain selective body. In cases, there may be some side effects with unregulated use. These include stomach pains, why you should immediately stop taking and consult your doctor. Consult with your doctor before taking isabgol during pregnancy. Especially, if you have a history of problems with bowel motility or if you develop signs and symptoms of appendicitis.


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