Top 10 Incurable Diseases in the World You Should Know and Aware Now

Though we are living in an era when modern science makes our everyday life easier. But still, modern science can’t help to prevent some incurable diseases. Every year millions of people are dying from these diseases. However, we are decorating this article with ten such diseases which you should. However, there are some treatments, but it can’t cure permanently.  So let’s start.Top 10 Incurable Diseases in the World

Top 10 Incurable Diseases

Incurable diseases are meaning those fatal diseases that can be barely curable. Millions of dollars are invested annually to find out the cure or treatment of this disease, but still, they are incurable. Let’s see some of these incurable diseases.

  1. Diabetes

Diabetic is a kind of metabolic diseases distinguishes by high blood sugar levels. It’s mainly happening from defects or lack of insulin secretion. Diabetic Mellitus usually associated with “sweet urine,” in the ancient world. Thus, Elevated levels of hyperglycemia or blood glucose lead to the release of glucose. Diabetics are one of the rare incurable diseases which are bare can cure. However, there is two type of diabetic including Type 1 and Type 2.Diabetes - incurable genetic diseases

Symptoms of diabetes are given below

  • Excessive thirst
  • Increased urine pressure or output
  • Weight loss, Fatigue, hunger
  • Skin problems and yeast infections
  • Healing wounds cure very slowly
  • Tingling in the feet or toes

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  1. Progeria

Whenever you are listing incurable genetic diseases, progeria comes first. It’s a genetic disorder. Progeria is an exceptional disease which symptoms similar to the aspect of aging at a very early age. Thus, those babies born with this disease typically survive to mid-teens to twenties. As the time passes the aging factor become more visible. Later on, various health problems become visible like fragile bones, hip dislocation, insulin resistance, stiff joints develop.Progeria Rare incurable diseases

Symptoms of progeria are –

  • Limited growth
  • Short Stature
  • Lack of body muscle and fat
  • Loss of hair, including eyebrows and eyelashes
  • Early signs of skin aging, including thin skin
  • Visible veins and stroke
  • Wrinkled, narrow, or shrunken face
  • Large head compared with the body
  • Slow tooth development
  1. Polio

Poliomyelitis often known polio is an infectious illness caused by a virus named poliovirus. In polio, muscle weakness, inability to move or short paralysis occurs. Weakness usually affects legs, neck muscles and rarely in the neck. There are mainly two types of vaccines applied to fight polio. Though there is the treatment for polio, it’s an incurable disease. It has been reduced by over 99%, but Afghanistan and Pakistan are still affected by polio.Polio - incurable diseases meaning

Symptoms of Polio are –

  • Fever, headache
  • A sore throat, Fatigue, Vomiting,
  • Back and neck pain
  • Stiffness in the legs or arms
  • Muscle weakness

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  1. Ebola

Among this list of curable diseases, (EVD) or “Ebola” is the most deadly one.  It is caused by four different types of viruses. But it originated from eating bats from a small village in Guinea. EVD refers to Ebola Virus Disease or Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever (EHF). To control the spreading of infection, one should wear goggles, gloves, protective gear, and glasses. On the other hand, should avoid the touch or contact with infected person.Ebola - list of curable diseases

Symptoms of Ebola are –

  • Fever and chills
  • A severe headache
  • Muscle and Joint Aches
  • Weakness
  1. Influenza

Influenza or flu is an infectious disease due to Influenza virus. It is also spread out by any contact or touch of infected person or virus. Bed rest and plenty of water is the key to fight influenza. Thus, washing the hand frequently can decrease the risk of spread.Influenza

Symptoms of Influenza are –

  • A runny nose, fever, sore throat,
  • A headache and muscle pain,
  • Feeling fatigued and frequent coughing
  1. Jakob Disease

Jakob Disease or Creutzfeldt is an exceptional fatal disease of the nervous system. It a very rare disease, occurs one person in a million. Most of the cases it’s a disease of adults, at the age 35 to 70. However, both male and female are affected by this deadly disease.Jakob Disease

Symptoms of Jakob Disease are –

  • Severe depression
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Feelings of despair
  • Anxiety and irritability
  1. Heart Disease

Heart Disease or Coronary Artery Disease affects millions of Americans. It develops when blood vessel become diseased or damage. When that plague develops, it narrows down the Coronary artery. As a result of blood flow and occur heart attack. Meanwhile, a healthy lifestyle is a key to prevent.Heart Disease

Symptoms of Heart Disease are –

  • Shortness of breath
  • Heart attacks
  • Chest pain
  1. Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is the degenerative disorder that affects the motor system of the central nervous system.  The cause of this incurable disease is still unknown. Thus, an interesting fact is it affects male most of the cases. But the reason of this disease is unknown, but research found that environmental and genetic factors are involved.Parkinson’s Disease

Symptoms of Parkinson’s disease are –

  • Tremor
  • Slowness and stiffness
  • Impaired balance,
  • Shuffling gait
  • Depression and anxiety
  1. AIDS /HIV

AID is one of the deadly incurable sexually transmitted diseases which caused by the virus named HIV (human immunodeficiency virus). It slowly attacks and demolishes the human immune system. On the other hand, the final stage of HIV is AID; during that time cancers and fatal infection frequently arise. Thus, this disease originated in Africa. According to the UN report, around 38 million people are suffering from HIV. However, 5 million become infected in each year and among them, 3 million people die.AIDS /HIV - incurable sexually transmitted diseases

Symptoms of AIDS are –

  • Body rash
  • Several headaches
  • Fever
  • A sore throat
  • Night sweat
  1. Cancer

Cancer is the abnormal growth of cells which spread in remaining body parts very quickly. However, there are around 100 types of cancers like lung, skin, breast, throat and many more. Moreover, it’s a deadly disease as well as incurable. There are some temporary treatments, unfortunately, it still incurable.Cancer

All of the cancers have different symptoms, but most common signs are –

  • Weight loss
  • Abnormal bleeding
  • Formation of lumps

Final Thought

To wrap up this article, we could say these incurable diseases are fatal as well as untreatable. Though modern medical cares have tried their best to find the prevention, still they are incurable. Thus, we hope you enjoyed this informative post.

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