Top 10 Interesting Guatemala Facts That’s Are Also Awesome

Take a step to explore amazing Guatemala and the Mayan ruins. For the modern world, Guatemala is a land of mystery. However, there are some interesting Guatemala facts you should know before the visit. The country got some fantastic fact that the whole world will astonish. Let’s explore this historic land with us.

Interesting Guatemala Facts

Country Profile: Guatemala

Republic of Guatemala or Guatemala is a country situated in Central America. It got its independence in 1821 from Spain. It is a country of representative democracy. The territory formed and closely related to the Mayan civilization. Guatemala is the most populated country in Central America.

10 Interesting Facts about Guatemala

Guatemala is a land of amazing fact. Here are ten interesting facts about Guatemala. Take a look.

National Anthem of Guatemala

The interesting fact is, the national anthem of Guatemala wrote by a Cuban named José Joaquín Palma. Most of the cases the national anthem is selected from their own country. He was a Cuban revolutionist and author. He is famous as the author of national anthem’s lyrics of Guatemala. However, the composer of the anthem is Rafael Álvarez Ovalle, a Guatemalan.

Volcanoes in Guatemala

Volcanoes in GuatemalaGuatemala is considered as the home of 33 volcanoes. Among 33, only three volcanos are active. Those active volcanoes are Pacaya, Fuego, and Santiaguito. Atitlan, Agua, Moyuta, Suchitan, Acatenango, Ixtepeque, Tajumulco, Quezaltepeque, Chingo, Chiquimula, Flores, Cuilapa-Barbarena, Santo Tomas, Pacaya, Tahual, Tecuamburro, and Toliman are some of the volcanoes of Guatemala. However, Tajamulco is the highest point about 4,220m. As those volcanoes are steep and sleeping, you can enjoy mountain biking, hiking and bird watching and such type of activities easily.

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Second-Largest Concentration of Ozone

According to the Economist World in 2007, Guatemala has the second-largest concentration of Ozone. However, ozone is a kind of gas that is mostly available in the stratosphere or the Earth’s upper atmosphere and troposphere or ground level.

Fun Guatemala Facts for Kid

  • There are 13,677,000 people live in the country Guatemala.
  • The total area of Guatemala is 41,846 square miles.
  • Almost 70 percent of people can read and write.
  • Spanish is the official language of Guatemala.
  • People in Guatemala can expect to live 64 years
  • The average expected age is 64 years.
  • If you are a chocolate lover, Guatemala is the next destination for you. Furthermore, they are the inventor of the chocolate bar. And the interesting thing is it as invented by Mayan people.

Land of the Eternal Spring

Land of the Eternal Spring guatemala facts for kidGuatemala is a city of Land of the eternal spring. It got a wonderful climate that is suitable for visiting and traveling year around. Antigua and Guatemala City are situated on a mountainside with a pleasant climate. The rainy season starts around mid-May till November. On a typical normal day, you can enjoy the sunshine, and the cloud may see in the afternoon. Eventually, it rains but maximum one or two. The temperature dropped below zero at night in December and January. So it will be great for travel and an ultimate destination for the outdoor lover.

World’s Leading Producer of Jade

World’s Leading Producer of JadeGuatemala is the one of the world’s leading producer of Jade. Generally speaking, jade is a gemstone and widely popular for its gorgeous color of vibrant green. It is a combination of Nephrite and Jadeite. Jade is a sturdy and durable material that contains elusive color. In the meantime, the lighter shade of jade is found in just a few countries like Russia, China, and Guatemala. Moreover, jade is referred to as “Dream Stone.”

Some Facts about Guatemala City

Facts about Guatemala City

  • Interestingly, the capital of Guatemala is Guatemala City.
  • The size of Guatemala is the largest city in Central America.
  • The population density of Guatemala City is 10,929 people per square mile.
  • The people of Guatemala are popular as Guatemalans.
  • Every year around 1.2 million people are welcomed in Guatemala City. Thus, it attracts people for its great coffee, rich culture, and pleasant weather.

The Quetzal Is the National Bird

The Quetzal - Guatemala National BirdThe national bird of Guatemala is The Quetzal. It’s a brightly color birds from the trogon family. This bird is a symbol of Guatemala culture. It has added to the flag. Thus, the flag has two vertical stripes of blue color. One side represents the sea part of the country. On the other hand, in the middle, there is a coat of arms which included the Quetzal.

Guatemala Facts about Food

Guatemala Facts about FoodThe cuisines of Guatemala have developed on the merging of Spanish and Mayan heritage. Furthermore, the country is well popular as a large producer of beans, corns, and rice. Due to its tropical temperature and fertile land, it is suitable to produce cocoa, sugar and tropical fruit. More than anything, the country is popular as the inventor of chocolate. The word ‘chocolate’ has come from the word ‘xocoatl’ which is a Maya word. Meanwhile, the meaning of ‘xocoatl’ is bitter water.

3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Tikal National Park, Guatemala

Tikal National Park

Guatemala glorified three UNESCO World Heritage sites including Tikal National Park situated in northern Guatemala, the historic town of Antigua Guatemala and the ancient Mayan site.

The Maya civilization was developed by the Maya people during the time of Mesoamerican civilization. This civilization is famous for its hieroglyphic script, calendar, mathematics, art, agriculture and astronomical system.

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Some Extra Interesting Facts about Guatemala

Have any idea of ancient fashion sense? Well, you will surprise to know that Mayan people are the inventor of Blue color denim.

On May 30, 2010, a large 60 feet hole opened up, and the depth was 30 stories in the middle of Guatemala City. However, the reason for this sinkhole was volcano pumice and weak material of the city.

In every November 1st, Guatemalans celebrate the Day of the Dead or “Dia de Los Muertos,” On that day; they visit the cemetery and graveyard to fly a kite in the memory of their beloved ones. They also paint the gravestones with bright colors.

The internal civil war lasted for 36 long years during the time of 1960-1996.

Final Verdict

In summary, we would say these are just ten interesting Guatemala Facts, but there are much more to enjoy and discover. So prepare for the next trip and discover this mystic land. Thanks for being with us.

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