10Lista Content Contribution Guidelines

Thanks for showing your interest to contribute content on 10Lista.com. Here you will get full guidelines to contribute content on 10Lista. You must check our guidelines carefully before contacting us to get a reply as well as contribution approval. However, You Must Pay a Small Editorial Fee to get your content or guest post published. Please read below guidelines carefully before submitting any content or contribution proposal to us.Write for 10Lista

Content Contribution (Guest Post) Guidelines

  • Content length should be minimum 1000 in words
  • Content/post must be Top 10 List type (Should consist top 10 things)
  • We don’t accept any content (Content Format) besides Top 10 List
  • You can write about any topics and check 10lista categories to get topics idea
  • It will better if you send us some content topics/titles before writing to get approval
  • Please make sure that you are not writing on the same topic/title that already exists on 10Lista (For confirmation, you can mail us or visit 10lista, search with the topic.)
  • Please make sure you are writing for our readers, not for search engines
  • Content must have minimum one subheading, one sub-subheading (if applicable) and some bullet points (if applicable)
  • Please keep sentences short so that readers can read/scan the content easily
  • Content must be copy-paste, plagiarized, grammatical mistake and spelling errors free
  • Try to avoid too many passive voices
  • We don’t accept any eCommerce Site/Product or Affiliate Link inside the content
  • Send your content as Microsoft Word File or PDF File
  • Don’t attach image to the word or PDF file
  • Content should not be published anywhere before
  • You must provide at least one copyright free relevant image
  • Image must be sent separately with PNG or JPEG format
  • Again, Please don’t send any content that is less than 1000 in words
  • You must Pay Editorial Fee in Advance before your post going live
  • For Editorial Fee-related inquiry, Please Contact us using the Contact Page or Shoot us a mail at tenlista [at] hotmail.com
  • Remember that, your content won’t leveled as Sponsored Post or Guest Post or Premium Guest Post or Contributor Post
  • You will get maximum 1 Do-Follow link from the content body to your blog/website
  • 10Lista Editorial Team have right to change your content (If needed) before making it live
  • 10Lista Editorial Team have right to accept or decline any contribution post or guest post without any explanation

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