Top 10 Countries that Start with A

Though the countries of the world are 192, the number of the countries that start with A are 11. It is an excellent idea to get familiar with the countries of the world. If you try to know the countries according to the alphabetical list, you will easily know them without getting bored. Try only one letter every day to make it easy. Every country is different in culture, people, geographical character, climate and so other things than other countries. Here, I come with a list of ten countries that begin with A.Top 10 Countries that Start with A

Top 10 Countries that Start with A

Let’s see the short description of the nations that begin with A.

Number#1 | Australia

Australia - countries that start with aAustralia is a large one and rich in natural resources. Besides, it has vast fertile land. The capital of this country is Canberra. Most of the cities and farms are in the southwest, southeast parts because in these parts the climate is comfortable. Besides, there are some rain-forests in the northeast. There is a large desert in the outback area. People like swimming, sailing, tennis, surfing, cricket, football and rugby. Australia is the best place for a lot of species and animals. More than 36 species of spiders who are poisonous are found in Australia. There are 20 types of snakes and many other birds, platypus, koala, kangaroo, and animals in this country. There are 516 national parks to protect the animals and plants. Dutch discovered the country in 1606. The British settled there in 1788.

Number#2 | Argentina

Argentina - Countries that Begin with AIt is a vast country of South America. It is the eighth largest one on the earth and the second one in South America. The capital of this nation in Buenos Aires. The east border of this nation is by Chile and Andes Mountains. The east side is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. And the northern part has the border with Bolivia. However, Argentina is a federal republic. Here a democratically elected person rules the country.

However, the economy depends on mining, agriculture, tourism, sheep herding, etc. However, it is divided into The Andes, The Pampas, Patagonia, and the Northern regions. Most of the people of Argentina are from Europe. There is less amount of native people here. Buenos Aires is the place where most of the people live. However, the people are well-educated. The Favorite sport is soccer in here.

Number#3 | Algeria

Algeria - Places that Start with AThe official name of Algeria is the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria. It is a state of North Africa that is sovereign. The capital of this country is Algiers. There is 2,381,741 square kilometers area. It is a large one of Africa. However, it is a semi-presidential republic. The many ancient empires ruled ancient Algeria including Numidians, Carthaginians, Romans, Vandals, Abbasids, Aghlabid, Fatimids, Berbers. There is a huge source of natural gas and oils. And it is the main source of economy. The national oil company of Algeria is the largest one of Africa. It also has a powerful military with imported Russian weapons. This country is the member of Arab League, African Union, etc.

Number#4 | Afghanistan

Afghanistan - Countries Beginning with AIt is a country of Central Asia. The official name is the Argentine Republic. Iran is in the west and Pakistan is to the east of this country. The capital of Afghanistan in Kabul. It is the very historical place. Most of the land of Afghanistan is covered with mountains and the deserts. The people in this country live in some fertile valleys and grow crops and tend some animals. Here, summer is very hot, and winter is very cold. However, there is a culture of over 5000 years. It was known by some other names. In the ancient time, it was called Aryana. Then it was called Khorasan. Now in the modern age, people call it Afghanistan.

The population of this country is 32.5 million.  However, the major ethnic groups in this country are Pashtoons, Hazaras, Uzbeks, and Tajiks. Most of the people belong to Islam. There are a small amount of Sikhs. The mother language is Pashto and Dari. Now the condition of this country is not good. In 2001, Taliban lost the power and an interim government leading by Hamid Karzai is now at the power.

Number#5 | Armenia

Armenia - Country that Start with AThis country is with 29, 743 square kilometers with three million populations. The capital of Armenia is Yerevan. It is along the Great Silk Road. It is located between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. This country is bounded by Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran, and Turkey. However, there is a rich culture. It is the first state in the world who adopted Christianity as an official religion before Rome. The country is very suitable for tourism because it contains a lot of masterpieces of ancient history. There are also water resorts near Lake Sevan, springs of Jermuk, Dilijan forests, natural caves, etc.

Number#6 | Austria

AustriaIt is a beautiful country that starts with A. The official name of this nation is the Republic of Austria. The capital is Vienna.  However, the population is over 8.7 million. There is the border with Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia and Italy, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The territory covers 83, 879 square kilometers. However, it is highly mountainous within the mountain Alps. Most of the people speak in Bavarian. But the native language is German. Besides, Hungarian, Slovene, Burgenland Croatian are the official languages of Austria.

Number#7 | Angola

AngolaThe official name of Angola is the Republic of Angola. It is a Southern African country. There is the border with Namibia, Zambia, and the Atlantic Ocean. However, the capital of this nation is Luanda. Most of the people are nomadic Khoi, San. They depend on cultivation and hunting. This country is still now a poor country. However, the population is 19 million.

Number#8 | Azerbaijan

AzerbaijanAzerbaijan is located in the South Caucasus region. It has the border with the Caspian Sea, Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Turkey, and Iran. It got its independence in 1918. However, it is the first democratic state of the Muslim world. Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan. But this country got incorporated into the Soviet Union. Then it proclaimed independence on30 August 1991.

Number#9 | Andorra

AndorraAndorra is a country of Southwestern Europe. The country has the border with France and Spain. However, Andorra is a small country with only 468 square kilometer land with approximately 77,281 populations. It is the 16th smallest in the world in consideration of its area. However, the capital of this nation is Andorra la Vella. The primary language is Catalan. Besides, people use Spanish, French, Portuguese to speak.

Number#10 | Albania

AlbaniaAlbania is one of the countries that start with A. It is a Country of South Europe. With total 3 million people, this territory has 28, 748 square Kilometers. Tirana is the capital of Albania with most population density. However, the border of this nation is with Montenegro, Kosovo, Republic of Macedonia, Greece, Albanian Alps, Korab Mountains, etc.

Final Words

All the above countries start with A. These countries have their own culture, history, geography, people, language, tourism areas and so on. All of these have their natural beauty. I think you love to read this article.

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