Top 10 Most Effective Home Remedies to Get Rid of Mice Naturally

It is undeniable that the rats and mice population in the world is getting larger. Generally, rats or mice are found in dirty places such as sewers, pipes, rice fields, farms, even in the house. If mice eventually enter the house, it will certainly become a big problem because mice are dirty animals and can trigger various diseases. home remedies to get rid of mice

However, as in repelling mosquitoes, you also need to know that eliminating mice is not an easy matter. These mammals are known to be astute, very difficult to catch or trap. But you don’t need to worry because you can read these following home remedies to get rid of mice effectively and naturally.

Most Effective Home Remedies to Get Rid of Mice

Keep a Cat in Your House

Cat to Catch MiceThe first simple home remedy to get rid of mice fast is by keeping a cat in your house. As we know that cats are the greatest enemies of mice or rats. The natural instinct of cats will try to catch mice whenever they see mice because mice look so delicious to cats. In this case, you have to keep a cat that really likes hunting. Most cats like eating mice and this will be the best option if you want to make sure that your house is free from mice or rats.

Use Hot Chili and Detergent

Creating a homemade mouse repellent is actually very easy in which you can utilize some items in your home such as hot chili and detergent. How to make such a natural mouse repellent using these two items? Anyway, it is actually very easy and simple because you only need to mix a spoon of detergent with a spoon of hot chili powder, then you can add some water. Next, you just simply stir it and put it into a bottle sprayer. Now, it is ready to use the chili spray where you only need to spray it to the mice whenever you see them. But, this can be a bit difficult because mice can run faster and they hide in small spaces.

Use Baking Soda for Mouse Repellent

Baking Soda - homemade mouse repellentHow to repel mice in your house naturally? For your information, mice are animals that cannot belch or vomit. So, if the mice eat baking soda powder then the mice’s stomach will be filled with gas and cannot be removed. This causes the mice to die slowly. To use this trap, you can distribute liquid or soda powder in food (cheese, apples, salted fish, or other). Then, place the food in places where the mice usually appear. Or you can also put the soda directly in the corner of the wall, drains, garbage can pipes or other spots where mice hide.

Use Clove to Eliminate Mice

Use Clove to Eliminate MiceYou have to know that clove is very effective for driving away mice from your house. The aroma produced from essential oils contained in cloves can make mice feel very disturbed. To use it, you can put the clove powder in the area where mice usually pass or appear. Or if you want to be more practical, try buying clove oil. You only need to soak cotton with clove oil. Then, place the cotton around the house.

Using Peppermint Oil

Peppermint Oil - home remedies to get rid of mice and ratsOil with refreshing aroma has the potential to be used as a natural ingredient in mice killers. This rodent cannot stand the sharp aroma of peppermint. So if they smell it, the mice will get drunk and droop weakly. How to use peppermint oil to get rid of mice? Well, you can directly sprinkle this oil in the corners of the room or under the place where mice hide. If you are afraid of being slippery, then try the second alternative, by dipping cotton into peppermint oil. Then, place the cotton in the area where mice usually appear.

Mothballs or Camphor

You usually use this thing as a room deodorizer, but you can also use mothballs to repel mice from home. Somehow, mothballs or camphor has a fragrant and fresh aroma for us, but mice can die if they are affected by the mothballs. How to use this home remedy to get rid of mice and rats? To use it, you only need to put camphor in the corners of the rooms or a place where mice or rats usually hide. You should not hold the camphor directly using your hand because it contains toxic chemicals, and avoid from children.

Using Ultrasonic Tools

This tool is a new invention that you can use to repel mice. It works by issuing ultrasonic sound waves of 20 kHz. The human cannot hear this sound, but it is very disturbing for rodents. According to the instructions, this device can drive mice within 200 meters. This tool is indeed effective enough to repel mice. Anyway, this tool is already available in many stores.

Make a Mouse Trap

Make a Mouse Trap to Kill RatsAnother effective home remedies to get rid of mice is by using a mouse trap. This method is fairly effective, but there are also some rats that are clever enough and always avoid trapping tools. There are various kinds of mousetrap, there are clamp-shaped, wire cages and so on. You can put this tool in a place where mice pass or live such as near the wall or under a hole so as not to injure people at home. In addition, you also need to put food in a trap for the bait (such as salted fish, cheese, peanut butter) so the mice will get close to the trap.

Using Mouse Glue

The next home remedy to get rid of mice is to use mouse glue. The use of mouse glue is certainly safer than rat poison. Later, when the mice are successfully trapped in glue, you can simply throw the mouse along with the board. You can get mouse glue easily at the nearest supermarket and it is actually cheap enough.

Using Rat Poison

Rat Poison to Kill Rats and MiceThis way to repel mice is fairly classic but effective. In this case, you will use rat or mice poisons. You can search for rat poisons in any markets. If the rat eats the trap, it is certain that the mouse will die. But, the mice may not die directly and they can run away and die in other hiding places. Though this way is very effective, it can also make you difficult to find the dead mice. So, you may consider this option as the last choice.

Final Words

Eliminating mice is most important to keep your family members healthy. You can apply different methods to get rid of mice even can call an exterminator. But trying some natural home remedies is the best way if mice population low in your area. It will help to eliminate them without much hassle as well as cost.

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