Top 10 Kalonji Oil Benefits for Men and Women

You cannot imagine the kalonji oil benefits. We are familiar to kalonji seed which is also known as black cumin seeds. However, it comes from the plant that is available in South-West Asia. However, the people of India and the people of Eastern countries use kalonji as a spice for its bitter taste. It is not only a spice but also the oil of this seed is used as a medicine from ancient time. It can be an excellent remedy for a headache, nasal congestion, psoriasis, asthma, and so on. It also improves the immune systems.

  • Updated On: 24th January, 2022

Top 10 Kalonji Oil Benefits for Men and Women

Top 10 Kalonji Oil Benefits

We cannot make the end by telling you the benefits of kalonji oil. Let us see the Top 10 Kalonji Oil Health Benefits.

#1. Prevent Diabetes

Prevent DiabetesIf you take kalonji oil regularly, it will manage your diabetes. You can take it with one cup of black tea. I suggest you drink this drink in the morning and take it before going to sleep. You will get the result within one month. It not only controls your diabetes but also prevent it.

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#2. Makes Memory Strong

Makes Memory StrongMemory weakness is now a common problem. Our memory becomes weak with our ages. If you want to keep your brain healthy, you can take kalonji oil. It will help you to cure of memoryless. But how can you take it? However, you can boil a cup of water with 5-gram min leaves. Then add one teaspoon kalonji oil. Take this mixture two times a day. Try to take it at least one month. Besides, kalonji oil, you can use some honey with it.

If you do not have kalonji oil, you can use the ground black seeds with honey. Take this mixture with some warm water.

#3. Remove Headache

Remove HeadacheMost of the people sometimes feel a headache. Though it is a symptom of diseases such as cold, migraine or any stress, kalonji oil can remove your headache. Usually, we eat Parasitamal to get rid of this problem. But if you take this oil, it will remove your headache miraculously. Besides eating, you can massage your forehead with kalonji oil. Then drink some tea with one tablespoon kalonji oil.

#4. Asthma Treatment

Asthma TreatmentKalonji oil benefits us by prevent and reduces asthma. I suggest you take kalonji oil. At first, you bring a cup of warm water. Then take one tablespoon honey and one teaspoon kalonji oil. Drink the mixture twice a day. It will help you to cure asthma and breathing problem. It also reduces a cough, allergy.

#5. Cure the Joint Pain

Cure the Joint PainArthritis is a common but painful problem that affects most of the older people. It is common for men and women. In this case, both the seed and oil of kalonji is very helpful to remove the pain. But how can you apply this? Just take half teaspoon oil and one tablespoon honey. Mix them with one cup vinegar and then apply the mixture to the joint. It is better to use this mixture two times a day. Besides, you can use it for your back or neck pain.

#6. Kalonji Oil Benefits for Men Infertility

Kalonji Oil Benefits for Men InfertilityKalonji oil increase sperm of men. If you eat some kalonji seeds with some honey in every morning, you will get power and the sperm also increase. There are many reasons of decrease menโ€™s fertility. The number of sperm matters to move it towards the egg to fertilize it. So, if you have any problem, try it for a healthy life.

#7. Keep Heart Healthy by Controlling Blood Pressure

Keep Heart Healthy by Controlling Blood PressureHigh blood pressure is very considered as the silent killer. From high blood pressure, you can face a heart attack. Kalonji oil cures hypertension. It is the best remedy. Take one teaspoon kalonji oil in a cup of tea. Then drink it two times a day. Besides, you can use one or two garlic cove to get the best result. Moreover, do not eat extra salt with your food.

#8. Strengthens Immunity

Every day we need something after all day long work to remove stress and increase our immunity. If you consume one cup warm water with some kalonji oil and honey, it will strengthen immunity. So, it makes you prepare for your everyday work.

#9. For Strong Teeth

For Strong TeethNow teeth problem is very common. Black seeds ply vital role to improve your teeth strength. It helps the treatment of prematurely falling of teeth, bleeding gums and some other diseases of teeth. Mix one teaspoon kalonji oil with one cup curd. Then apply this mixture on the gums and also the teeth two times daily. It will remove your toothache. Besides, you can clear your mouth with a mixture of one teaspoon kalonji oil and one tablespoon vinegar.

#10. Prevents Cancers

Prevents CancersCancer is the most dangerous disease. Every year lot of people died from cancer. Many foods work against cancer and prevent it. Kalonji oil benefits us by preventing cancer. Kalonji oil prevents leukemia and colon cancer. Take one glass grape juice and add half teaspoon kalonji oil in it. You can also take other drinks such as blackberry and acai berry juice. Then drink this mixture for three times a day before your breakfast and after lunch and dinner. To get the best result, try it for two months. But you should remember that it is only a remedy not the treatment for a cancer patient.

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Final Words

Not only the above benefits but also kalonji oil is good for our skin, kidney, hair and so on. It also benefits us by curing vomiting, Anaemia, women health problem. Besides, you will find Hadith described the kalonji oil benefits in Islam. In Islam, Our prophet says, โ€œFor every disease, there is a remedy and when the remedy is made apparent, and then the disease is cured by the permission of Allah Almighty.โ€ [Muslim]. So, we see that kalonji oil benefits us in various ways. So, we will try to take kalonji oil for our healthy life.


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