Top 10 Surprising Health Benefits of Alkaline Water

Alkaline water is not regular drinking water with lower concentration hydrogen ions and pH over 7. There are not tap or filtered water. You need to use a water ionizer machine to produce alkaline water with pH range over 7. Because of higher pH range than regular tap water, most of the experts believe that alkaline water has a lot of health benefits. It can balance the pH level of our body to keep it healthy. Although there are several controversial available in the market about Health Benefits of Alkaline Water, but still this water is widely used for healthy living.Surprising Health Benefits of Alkaline Water

Some experts also believe that alkaline water help to cure chronic disease like cancer. However, here we are going to share top 10 alkaline water health benefits. Let’s have a look below.

Health Benefits of Alkaline Water

  1. pH Balance

Most of the food is acidic we take every day and our blood always tried to balance the pH level naturally. As we take huge acidic food regularly, so sometimes it harder for our system to keep the balance of the pH level. As alkaline water contains higher pH level than regular drinking water, so it helps to balance the pH level in our body. And this is one of the most important and well-known health benefits of alkaline water. Most of the people love to drink alkaline water to neutralize the acidic level with the help of its antioxidants agents.

  1. Source of Minerals and Antioxidants

Minerals are one of the most important elements for human body and the alkaline water is the great source of minerals. By drinking enough alkaline water regularly, you can supply sufficient minerals to your body to keep it healthy and strong. Calcium and Magnesium are two most important minerals for the human body and these are present in the alkaline water. These minerals also help in the metabolic process. If you drink alkaline AKA ionized water, then your body can absorb these minerals quickly that might not possible by taking food or other supplements.

  1. Help to Cure Cancer

Although alkaline water can’t help to cure cancer directly or quickly it definitely has a positive presence in a long run. According to several experts, cancer cells can’t grow quickly in the alkaline water. So if you keep the alkaline level in your body by drinking alkaline water regularly, the cancer cells won’t grow quickly. However, there are several studies available about the relation between alkaline water and cancer, but no one directly disagrees about the alkaline water benefits for cancer.

  1. Help to Reduces Fatigue and Boost Immune Systems

Help to Reduces FatigueFatigue is one of the common problems in our everyday life. And because of higher acidic level in our body, fatigue can happen constantly. Toxins are harmful to our bodies that reduce the minerals, proteins, nutrients and other components. So Toxins are also responsible for fatigue that happens for the higher acidic level of our bodies. And by drinking alkaline water, we can reduce the acidic level and balance pH.

Alkaline water also helps to boost our immune systems. According to Dr. Susan Lark, “Consumption of 4 to 6 glasses of alkaline water a day will help to neutralize the excess acid and help restore the immune system” (Source).

  1. Alkaline Water Can Keep Nerves Healthy

Alkaline Water Can Keep Nerves HealthySome experts also claim that “Alkaline water can help to keep nerves healthy”. Because of dehydration, the brain can lose energy and nerve systems can get affected. Magnesium is one of the important chemical element that presents in the alkaline water and can boost energy quickly. And your nerve system started working very soon as well as keep the function alive.

  1. Alkaline Water Can Help Cure Psoriasis

Benefits of Alkaline WaterPsoriasis is one kind skin disease that has no instant or quick cure. This is a chronic disease that can happen for a various purpose. However, alkaline water can help to prevent this disease. And some also believes that this also helps to Cure Psoriasis. You can apply alkaline water regularly on the affected area of skin for smooth cure process.

  1. Helpful for Diabetes and Blood Pressure Patients

Alkaline Water Health BenefitsHigher blood glucose level is one of the main causes of Diabetes and this can be reduced by alkaline water according to a Korean Study. A doctor in Japan also using the alkaline water for Diabetes treatments. However, the lower pH level can produce several acidic forms that are harmful for diabetic patients. And by drinking enough ionized water can solve this problem.

Ionized water also helpful for blood pressure patients. According to this study, electrolyte water with higher pH level can reduce blood visibility that helps to prevent blood pressure.

  1. Help to Lose Weight Naturally

benefits of alkaline water weight lossMost of us love to take junk food regularly and that’s why acidic level increased in our body. And acid helps to produce more and more fat cells in our body, as a result, our weight increase day by day. So by taking alkaline water regularly, you can control the body acidic level which will help to produce a low-fat cell. According to Dr. Robert Young, ionized water can remove fatty acids from our body that can help to lose weight fast.

  1. Make Bones Strengthen and Promote Muscle Health

Promote Muscle HealthCalcium is a most important element for healthy bones. And these minerals present highly in the alkaline water that can help to make your bones strong and build perfectly. You can also take calcium foods or supplements along with alkaline water to get quick results. Magnesium and potassium are also present in the alkaline water which is most helpful for muscle health. These minerals also help to prevent muscle pains by reducing chronic fatigue.

  1. Good for Pregnancy

Good for PregnancyPreeclampsia or toxemia is one kind disease that can happen during pregnancy. And by drinking alkaline water, you can prevent toxemia or preeclampsia during pregnancy. Alkaline water also can reduce the cases of jaundice during pregnancy. And some experts believe that by consuming alkaline water regularly during pregnancy can help for a smooth delivery.

Some Flimsy Alkaline Water Side Effects

There are no hazardous side effects of regular alkaline water that means alkaline water with pH 8 or 9. However, alkaline water with pH level more than 10 might generate some negative side effects such as

  • Headache
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Muscle Aches
  • A Runny Nose
  • Can Hinder Digestion Process
  • Might Create Extra Pressure on the Kidneys
  • Sleepiness

Quick List of Pros and Cons of Alkaline Water


  • Help to absorb nutrients
  • Prevent Hypertension
  • Prevent blood pressure, cancer, diabetics and skin disease
  • Reduce heat-related disease
  • Can help to reduce weight and lose fat
  • Prevent aging
  • Might boost hair growth
  • Balance pH levels


  • Tiredness can happen
  • Can cause nutrient deficiency
  • Can causes dehydration

Final Words

Besides these ten Health Benefits of Alkaline Water, there are also some other alkaline water health benefits available that you can also consider to take alkaline water regularly. And also don’t forget to use the best alkaline water machine to produce the pure and actual alkaline water.

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