Top 10 Most Powerful and Famous Wizards in the World History

Love fictional character and mysterious world of magic? Well, these famous wizards got supernatural power. However, witchcraft is an important part of human history. Furthermore, we throw light on some noteworthy wizards who are extremely popular even now. Discover the famous magician in history with us. So let’s start.Most Powerful and Famous Wizards

Who is a Wizard?

Wizard simple refers to a learned or wise man. In ancient time, wizard got a lot of recognition and respect for their astrology, knowledge, philosophy, and healing powers. Some of the wizards were elevated as God or goddess in ancient time. Some of them have the power to operate the weather elements.

Most Famous Wizards in the History

This article is decorated with male and female wizard names that are most powerful and famous for their supernatural power. Though there is a misconception that wizards are the only female, there are also some powerful wizards in world history. So let’s have a look.

  1. SeimeiSeimei - Famous wizards in history

Seimei or Abe no Seimei is considered as Japanese Merlin. Unlike other mystic wizards, the historic existence of Seimei is also unchallenged. However, he served different emperors as a yin-yang master or omyodo in Japanese. He was famous for protecting the emperor from illness and evil spirits by rituals. It believed that he got supernatural power.

The very popular Kuzunoha or kabuki play says that he got his mysterious power from his mother who was rumored as a white fox. It believed that he could identify demons.

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  1. SolomonSolomon - Male wizards

Solomon or King Solomon is a prophet to Muslim and Christians. Like the Bible, in the holy Quran, we can find this powerful king. He ruled over Israel in the 10th century BCE. He was the son of King David who is also a prophet of Islam. It has been thought that he got the supernatural ability and power to rule over animals as well as demons. There is a myth about him that he could do that by a magical ring which also known as ‘Seal of Solomon.’ He was also popular as an exorcist.

  1. HecateHecate - powerful wizard names

Hecate is also popular as ‘Goddess of Witches,’ ‘Goddess of Sorcery,’ and ‘Queen of Ghosts’ in mythology. She is closely related with Egyptian and Greek culture. It also believed that Hecate was a priestess who was mortal and committed suicide. Then, she had raised by Artemis from dead. She is also considering as the goddess of wilderness. She was the child of the Asteria and Titanes Perses and received the power over the sea, earth as well as heaven.

In Greek vase painting, we find her as women who hold twin torches. She depicted in the dress of a knee-length maiden’s skirt with hunting boots, just like Artemis.

  1. Baba YagaBaba Yaga - most powerful wizard

According to Slavic folklore, Yaga is a distinct figure or supernatural figure who appeared as a vicious-looking woman. Baba Yaga can reform as the many-faceted figure like Bird, Pelican, Moon, Earth Goddess, phallic mother, Winter, totemic matriarchal ancestress, Cloud, the female initiator. In Russian folklore, she dwells in the forest that has no doors as well as windows and kidnaps and eats babies or children. She is considering as the benefactor of death.

  1. CassandraCassandra - female wizards names

In Greek mythology, Cassandra is a soothsayer, witch, and a bearer of evil omens. She was the daughter of Queen Hecuba and King Priam of Troy. Cassandra had been blessed by Apollo and impressed by her heavenly beauty. She got the blessing of clairvoyance, unfortunately, turned that blessing as the curse. According to Greek myth, she foresaw the destruction of Trojan War but couldn’t do anything.  For her curse, nobody believed her prediction. As a result, she became the figure of tragedy and epic tradition.

  1. HoldaHolda

Holda or the matron of the domestic chores is a German witch and closely related with Scandinavian folklore. She is the superior of female nightly spirits who pass the sky to attend feast or wage war. She is also famous as the guardian of small children. Though most of the wizards are considered as an evil power, Holda is exceptional and is a goddess or protectress of women’s crafts. The Holda comes from the Latin inscription Hludana.

  1. Abramelin the MageAbramelin the Mage

Abramelin is a magician or semi-mythical sage from Egypt. ‘The Book of Abramelin’ had written by his contains magical rituals. It had believed that he wrote it for his son.  This book considered as the highest standard of the witch. Abramelin exists in many myths, tales, novels, television show, and poems. His books become extremely popular in 19th and 20th centuries.  It has believed that he lived from c.1362–c.1458.

  1. GandalfGandalf

Gandalf or “Elf of the Wand” the grey or Gandalf the White, was a wizard. He joined the leader Thorin and his team to reclaim to destroy a ring. He was the servant of the secret fire or ring bearer. The original name was Olórin that means dreamer. In his third age, he sent to combat the ultimatum of Sauron. Gandalf has narrated as a pointed blue hat, silver scarf, and a long grey cloak. Thus, He got the long white bread.

  1. MerlinMerlin

Merlin has been known as prophet, magician, warlock; he served the emperor or king. However, he is vastly popular to closely relate the Holy Grail and the capability to shapeshift. The birth date is still unknown. As well as the death is also the mystery.  Everyone believed that he created as a shape of Arthurian legend. He is a prominent led in the stories of Camelot. However, he was paradoxical both the son of the devil but the servant of God.

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  1. MedeaMedea

Witchcraft from the Greek mythology was the daughter of King Aeëtes of Colchis as well as the granddaughter of Helios. Medea has narrated as the devotee of Goddess Hecate and the priestess who had a huge knowledge of magic potions, prophesy, and clairvoyance. Thus, We find her in most myth as a sorceress.

Final Thought

To wrap up this article we could say the stories of these famous wizards are full of excitement and a world of mystery. However, we hope you enjoyed our article. Thanks for being with us.

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